Halloween at Walmart.com to Save Money

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Save time and money this Halloween Season with Walmart.com! You’re going to LOVE the products that they have!


┬áMy family LOVES Halloween – don’t you? My boys are obsessed. Pumpkins, Candy, Costumes – what’s not to love right? But we all know that all of this adds up to hit the old wallet. A LOT! This year I’m doing my shopping at Walmart.com. I’m going to show you some awesome Fall/Halloween Decorations to ease your budget (and your time!).


I mean you guys – who doesn’t love The Great Pumpkin! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS FOR MY HOUSE! It’s a must! This set is so adorable and so affordable at Walmart.com! My youngest son is obsessed with the Great Pumpkin and this will make the best treat for him! I can’t wait to surprise him with it (and not feel like I have just broken my credit card!).

Before I continue I need to make sure that we are all on the same page. Walmart.com has THE lowest prices AND (this is my favorite part) Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more. I love that don’t you? Ok so now that we all know that – I’m going to keep showing off what I’ve gotten this year for Halloween!


I decided this year that I was stepping away from ghosts, goblins and witches and switching up my decor! Thank you Walmart.com for letting me Save Money and make my decorating wishes happen! This 3′ Projection Inflatable Spider is going to be SO awesome on my front lawn. I’m in LOVE with it! And I know I got it for the best price around! Can’t be that can you?


1 more fun little spidery fun decoration that I HAVE TO HAVE! This 8″ Light-up Black Spider is going to be so much fun on my porch! SPOOKY! Thanks Walmart.com for making my redecorating so affordable this year! I LOVE the Fall and LOVE Saving Money! Happy Fall Everyone!

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