About Us


We’re Heather and Lori, and we couldn’t be happier that you’ve found our little corner of the internet. Years ago we met online during our pregnancies, our friendship has turned into more of a sisterhood.

The long and short of it, we formed a blog and here we are today. Who Needs  A Cape? primarily shares simple, easy to prepare recipes that our families have enjoyed. Additionally, we throw in the occasional cocktail or two and a dessert from time to time. Nothing complicated, we don’t have time for that.

We don’t profess to be Martha Stewart, nor do we wear that “cape” that so many super-moms seem to be wearing these days. We’re real moms, dealing with real issues and we share what makes our lives easier and makes us smile along this journey we call life. 

We’d love to hear from you! You can email us at:

Heather – heather@whoneedsacape.com

Lori – lori@whoneedsacape.com


heather_profileHeather is a part-time working mom from the Midwest who lives with her family at the Jersey Shore. Together with her husband Heather has 3 boys. She loves peace and quiet because it doesn’t happen at her house. Her favorite things are working (cause it’s a night out of the house), baking, reading, and any Real Housewives show. Heather has a few super powers up her sleeve, the biggest being the ability to make vodka disappear! Always up for something fun, Heather definitely has a streak of wild although some of that has been tamed after becoming a mom. She has spent years looking for her super cape, but has finally come to the realization that she just doesn’t need it.

WNACLoriprofileLori is a former big-haired, power-ballad-singing girl of the ’80s who now wrangles children. A lifelong Michigan resident Lori has enjoyed some adventurous travels to exotic locations. She is happily married with a large family including 3 beautiful daughters and 3 step-children. Her large blended family is somewhat typical of many these days: step-children, step-parents, new siblings, and a broad range of ages (24 years between oldest and youngest) – all of which leads to an ever-changing dynamic and a lot of trial and error. Lori’s passions in life include: baking, beaches, coffee, Bret Michaels (swoon), finding a good bargain and all things chocolate.