Christmas Cakes

Christmas Cakes are too easy and too fun to make! This is a great project for when the kids are out of school and want to help with the Holiday Baking!  Christmas treats are always so fun.  Sometimes though (at least in my house with small kids) sometimes it’s the simplest treats that do it for them.  As long as it’s red and green it’s a Christmas yes in my house! It’s amazing to me how a little food coloring can {Read More}

Creamy Pumpkin Crisp

Creamy Pumpkin Crisp, a delicious dessert change from traditional pumpkin pie. Serve at Thanksgiving or Christmas, you’ll love the layers of flavor. Creamy Pumpkin Crisp My best friend Pat gave me this recipe several years ago. It is a little different from a traditional pumpkin pie, but it is oh so good. Honestly, can you ever go wrong with pumpkin and cream cheese anything??? This year my stepdaughter requested this instead of any kind of birthday cake, it is her {Read More}

Our Best Appetizers Just in Time for the Holiday Parties!

We’re presenting Our Best Appetizers Just in Time for the Holiday Parties! There’s something for everyone on this list, such a great assortment. Everyone loves an appetizer right?  Every party needs them, and well a lot of plain old Saturday nights need them as well!  So we’ve made it easy.  Here is our list of our favorite apps.  Perfect for the holiday parties coming up, perfect for a nice cozy winter night! 1.  Roasted Shrimp Cocktail – delicious and beautiful! {Read More}

Vanilla (White) Russian Cocktail or Martini

  I love a White Russian!  Who Doesn’t?  It’s creamy, delicious and the perfect after dinner drink!  So, as with any cocktail, it becomes necessary to take it to the next level to get a new flavor.  This substitution is so simple but makes such a big difference in flavor!  I Promise!  Change your regular vodka for Vanilla Vodka.  Wham.  1 perfectly sweet dessert type drink!  And to go for the gold change it up into a Martini and you {Read More}

Feta Cream Cheese Dip

I love to dip.  I order food based on the sauce that comes with it and I need extra sauce on the side please so I can dip!  I’m a definite dipper. When I have parties, go to parties, or get togethers I really think there always needs to be a variety of dips.  We usually do a reverse happy hour.  People come over, we have a drink and a snack but then it’s right to dinner.  After dinner (especially {Read More}