Fiesta Favorites for Cinco de Mayo

Get ready for May 5th with these Fiesta Favorites for Cinco de Mayo!  Gonna let you in on a little secret of mine, might not be such a secret if you’ve been following Who Needs A Cape? for some time. I love Mexican food, really, really, really love Mexican food. So when Cinco de Mayo rolls around every May 5th, I’m totally ready to get my eat on! Thought I’d share with your some of our Fiesta Favorites for Cinco {Read More}

Delicious Dips for Entertaining

A fabulous collection of Delicious Dips for Entertaining, from sweet to savory to everything in between! You’ll find a new favorite or two. Parties, holiday entertaining, get-togethers, gatherings… they all require one very important thing-FOOD! With great occasions such as tailgating the Super Bowl, there’s always time during the year for tasty dips! A very easy way to please lots of people is to serve dips. They are versatile, most can be made ahead of time, and served with a {Read More}

Feta Cream Cheese Dip

I love to dip.  I order food based on the sauce that comes with it and I need extra sauce on the side please so I can dip!  I’m a definite dipper. When I have parties, go to parties, or get togethers I really think there always needs to be a variety of dips.  We usually do a reverse happy hour.  People come over, we have a drink and a snack but then it’s right to dinner.  After dinner (especially {Read More}