Grilled Bone In Pork

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Use ANY pork that has a bone in it and make this amazing Grilled Bone In Pork! Flavorful and tender when it’s done – it’s amazing and you need to try it!

YAASSSSS it’s grilling season. Nothing makes me more happy than having dinner cooking on the grill while I sit on my deck and smell all the beautiful smells. YUM it makes dinner that much better. Grilled Bone In Pork is the perfect summer Grilled meal because you cook it nice and slow on the grill so you get to smell the delicious cooking for hours. Don’t get nervous you don’t have to hover over the grill for hours…it really is a very easy dinner to make! Keep reading I’ll help you make it – and you’re going to love it!

I didn’t name the piece of pork I was using in Grilled Bone In Pork for a reason. You can honestly use any piece of pork that will fit on a grill and has a bone. I recommend nothing to big – or you’ll have to adjust the cooking time, but you can literally use any piece of pork. I used some Pork Butt that was cut into strips (by the butcher). It was wonderful – it was not an expensive cut of meat the way ribs are but it definitely had a rib taste to it. I highly recommend it. I’m going to try it on a thick cut pork chop next! But you could also do ribs or any kind with this recipe as well. It’s so good you’re going to want to make it over and over!

I love a delicious meal that actually comes together fast. I rub my pork for Grilled Bone In Pork as soon as I buy it. So whether it’s sitting in the fridge or I put it in the freezer it’s already rubbed and ready to go. I am going to give you a recipe for a home made rub and you’re going to love it! Makes dinner so much easier (and tastier).

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Grilled Bone In Pork

Grilled Bone In Pork


  • 2 lbs Bone In Pork - cut into strips (or adjust cooking time)
  • Grilling Rub
  • BBQ Sauce


  1. Using as much rub as you need, give all the sides of the pork a nice coating of the Grill Rub and then rub it in. Refrigerate for a few hours.
  2. Turn on grill with a max temp of 275. Only have 1 side of grill on.
  3. Place meat on Grill on the side NOT turned on - so indirect heat
  4. Plan on cooking pork til temp is 160-170 so about 2-2 1/2 hours.
  5. Flip pork about every half an hour
  6. When pork is almost done, start brushing with BBQ sauce and flipping every 10 minutes


  1. Very nice recipe!

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