Travel Medicine Cabinet for RV Trips

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I’m loading up our motorhome with travel essentials including a Travel Medicine Cabinet for RV Trips. Hitting the road with essentials like Xyzal® Allergy 24HR to keep my family comfortable.

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See that big rig up above? That is what we refer to as our “cabin on wheels”. Long story short, my husband (pictured smiling above) started watching a few too many RV travel shows on TV last year. We rented larger motorhomes both in May and September of 2016, for what he called “research”. After renting the second RV, as luck would have it, the owner popped out a number and told us he’d “be willing to sell”. The next thing I know we are the proud owners of our very own 37′ “cabin on wheels” and are prepping for a full season of camping fun!

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Now I love the outdoors and don’t get me wrong I’m thrilled to be past the camping in tent stage of my life, but there’s still a lot of work that goes along with enjoying this big rig. Not only do I have to plan and prep for upcoming travel adventures I also have to keep this big guy stocked, and well-stocked. We are not towing a vehicle behind us, so once we are parked at a destination…we are parked until we leave. There’s no small convenience store trips, no spontaneous running in and grabbing a few things here and there trips, nope. Unhooking this big fella is a process and if we can avoid hooking and unhooking at campgrounds more than once, then that’s the plan..


This is where my pre-travel prep work starts. I need to have us fully stocked and ready to go. This includes bedding, toiletries, kitchenwares, and also a travel medicine cabinet. Yes, a travel medicine cabinet that is stocked with essentials that we would normally use at home such as pain relievers, first aid items and products to conquer allergies such as Xyzal® Allergy 24HR. Having a reliable product such as  Xyzal readily available while we are traveling is extremely important. Both my husband and myself suffer from seasonal allergies, complete with itchy watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing, all the fun stuff. And that’s just at home without leaving our own town. When traveling you encounter different allergens than you may have in your area, different climates, different plants blooming. No one wants an allergy attack while enjoying a vacation, so we’re conquering allergies by being prepared with Xyzal.


Using Xyzal just makes sense when you are out in nature. Although we may not be sleeping directly under the stars, we are out in the elements from morning until late at night when we are camping.  Xyzal offers 24-hour allergy relief that doesn’t fade, which is crucial when you are driving long hours on the road, setting up your campsite and just trying to enjoy your trip. With clinically proven relief within 60 minutes you aren’t wasting time waiting to get relief. Conveniently take Xyzal before bed to help relieve allergy symptoms and wake up ready to take on a full day.


Xyzal is now available over the counter at CVS stores! Available in 10, 35, 55 & 80 ct packages, you can keep Xyzal everywhere you need. Always remember to read the product labeling and use as directed.

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You may be thinking, isn’t there already a medicine cabinet in the bathroom area of her motorhome? And yes, there is but we have small children and just as I do at home I don’t keep any medications where they could easily be reached by small hands. There’s a high cabinet which has a handle that a childproof lock can be placed upon, that’s where I’m going to keep our travel medicine cabinet.


How to make a Travel Medicine Cabinet: 

  • I measured the area I planned on placing the travel medicine cabinet and found a small drawer unit that fit nicely.
  • With a labeling machine I made simple and clear labels outlining what will be found in each drawer.

  • I simply labeled: First Aid, Pain/Fever & Allergy.
  • Then I attached the labels, and filled the drawers.

  • I have a running check list of things to replenish inside the motorhome prior to each trip we take. I added travel medicine cabinet to the checklist, as items need replacing or replenishing I do that before we hit the road.


Next week we’re hitting the road for our first major trip and I’m confident that we have all the essentials. Stopping into CVS for Xyzal to conquer allergies and so much more before our trip means we can relax more and worry less.

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I'm loading up our motorhome with travel essentials including a Travel Medicine Cabinet for RV Trips. Hitting the road with essentials to keep my family comfortable.

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  1. A medicine cabinet is a must when traveling in an RV. I love the way you set it up. You thought of everything. Looks like your family will be happy campers. Enjoy your adventures!

  2. I would dislike having to go on a long trip and be allergic to the different greenery around. I’m glad I don’t have allergies for this reason.

  3. We don’t own and can’t afford an rv to travel around in. We are more of the tent camper people. Always having a well stocked medicine is important. For the home, car and rv.

  4. Angelic Sinova says:

    How clever! Whenever I go on long road trips (especially if I take my dog with me) I always make sure to pack a little medicine pouch. I’ve always wanted to rent an RV and just travel!

  5. This is a really great idea to keep things organized. This would totally help on a few of the summer trips I have planned. You also reminded me to pick up some Allergy medicine for my husband! Thanks!

  6. Me and my kids are seriously allergic to every kind of pollen. We need some xyzal for this spring time!

  7. I need a travel medicine cabinet!! I am allergic to everything outside and that would make me feel so much more prepared!!

  8. It’s so important to have all the medicine you may need on hand! I love your tips and ideas!

  9. nice way to organize your meds (labels are awesome!) Happy you found an allergy med that works great for you and the family… it’s getting to be that time were allergies begin (I literally just sneezed as I typed that, DOH!) thanks for sharing this : )

  10. my parents have a motor home, not as bag as your new one. Congrats on your purchase! organization is key and a portable first aid kit is a great idea.

  11. Rebecca Swenor says:

    The travel medicine cabinet is a great idea for the RV. I will have to make one of these for my son’s grandfather for his RV. The Xyzal Allergy 24hr is something I am going to have to try for allergy relief. It is indeed that time of year. Thanks for sharing the travel medicine cabinet.

  12. This is so important, traveling in an RV or just taveling. With kids espicially things come up and having the right things to take care of them is so important.

  13. I have never travelled on a RV and it looks like they are a fun way to do it. Definitely important to be ready for any medical emergencies.

  14. It’s so important to have a first aid kit or medicine cabinet on hand. Especially while camping or exploring in the great outdoors, since that tends to be when more accidents and allergies are going to happen!

  15. You are so lucky to own your own RV! My childhood dreams include owning an RV, having my own tree house, and owning a houseboat. So far, I haven’t made these dreams into a reality yet. I love how you prepared a first aid kit in your RV. Just shows how much you care for the health and welfare of your family. Wishing you a great time in your Cabin on Wheels!

  16. A travel medicine cabinet is a must have! Yours looks complete! I love it.

  17. I will be taking a motorhome up to Burning Man. A medical cabinet is a must! Will definitely be following your tips.

  18. Ive actually always wanted to do a family roadtrip in an RV. Its great you all are prepared for medical emergencies with this organized medicine cabinet.

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