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We are a group of women who met online several years ago looking for friends and support during our pregnancies.  We have become wonderfully close friends, even though we haven’t had the opportunity to all meet in person.  We respect each other immensely, even when we don’t see eye to eye on subjects. Knowing that we can express and just be ourselves has made our friendship even stronger.   We all come from a variety of backgrounds, upbringing and live around the world, some of us work at home, some of us work out of the home and some of us do a little of both.  We are the average, every day mom just trying the get through each day.  We decided to create this blog to share our families, ideas and lessons we have learned through our journey of life.  We hope that we can bring you joy, laughter and companionship that we share with each other.

Stuffed Pepper Explosion Casserole


  1. It’s the birthday of WNAC! Time to celebrate right?

  2. Happy Birthday WNAC! I’d say its time for cake!!!

  3. I feel like we need a cake recipe posted here soon!!!!

  4. I think I could oblige Heather.

  5. Happy Birthday Who Needs a Cape! Happy Launching!

  6. Yay! Happy Birthday!

  7. Nancy Gordon says:

    Site wouldn’t put me through to entry for crackpot.


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