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Like everyone else – we like getting into the spirit of any holiday – our kids REALLY Love it! Last year I BOO’d some teachers, this year I’m starting off with a neighbor! Keep reading and I’ll show you how to BOO Your Neighbor as well with all your supplies from Walmart!


I hear you asking – what exactly does BOO Your Neighbor mean? It’s so much fun you guys! With the help of Mars, Wrigley and  American Greetings® I (and countless others) put together a BOO Kit. Just a fun mix of candy like  M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, TWIX®, Skittles®, Starburst®, Life Savers® as well as using some cards or supplies from American Greetings®. You get a note that says, “You’ve been BOO’d” and then instructions on how to forward on the BOO Fun. Pretty soon it snowballs and everyone is getting BOO’d and it’s just a great, fun thing to do.

Check out all the fun inspiration on! It’s where you get the AWESOME BOO Cards!


This year I decided to BOO my neighbor, but you don’t HAVE to do a neighborhood thing. You could start this at work and BOO people at their desks! That would be SO fun! You could BOO your kids Dance Teacher. The possibilities with this fun are endless. Keep reading and I’m going to give you some really great (read easy) ways to BOO all around.


So what you need to do first? Head to Walmart. It’s where ALL your BOO Supplies are! They have a HUGE Selection of Mars/Wrigley Candy and a huge selection of American Greetings®.

OH while you’re at your Walmart, be sure to pick up Ghostbusters® on DVD or Blu-Ray. It came out to stores on October 11 and let’s face it watching Ghostbusters® during Halloween? a MUST! PS it’s also available on VUDU. So whatever you do, just make sure to watch it – you can probably watch it as you’re putting together you BOO kit!


So I wanted to get all Farm like for my BOO Kit this year – my neighbor has a small front porch and I knew that the haybale would be awesome for my BOO Kit! It made it EASY to get together too (keep reading). I bought some amazing pumpkins as well (see the green one? LOVE IT).


The supplies you need for my BOO Kit to BOO Your Neighbor are:

  • Haybale (a smaller one would work too)
  • Campfire Sticks – the kind you use to roast food on a campfire (I found them in the camping section at Walmart!)
  • a mix of M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, TWIX®, Skittles®, Starburst®, Life Savers®
  • Packing Tape
  • Your official You’ve Been BOO’d Card available at
  • Tissue Paper and boxes or bags from American Greetings®

That’s it!

To start I made some Candy “flags” by using the packing tape and different assortments of candy on the campfire sticks!


For the BOO Card I simply folded it in half and taped it onto a campfire stick! YES you guys this is THAT easy!


Then I created a little something for each person in the family I was BOO’ing. There were 5 people so I made some little bags like above with all of my American Greetings® supplies. They were so cute stuffed with candy!


All you need to do at this point is put everything on the hay bale. The campfire sticks were an awesome idea because they are pointed at one end. I used that end to stick in the Candy Flags and the BOO Card! Everything was beautiful and so festive! I loved it!

boo-your-neighbor-4So all I really want to know is who are you going to BOO? Will you BOO Your Neighbor? Your Mom? Your Friends? Let me know because this is so much fun!


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  1. Aww, that hay bale worked so well! What a fun surprise for the neighbors. The treats you picked were perfect.

  2. This is such a fun idea! I love it! It’s a fun little DIY project the kids can do too which is great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    That’s awesome! I’m sure it’s going to be a huge hit with the kids especially if you’re hosting a Halloween party or using these for party favors! I really love putting things like this together for the kids.

  4. Such a cute kit I’m sure my kids would be excited for this

  5. OurFamilyWorld says:

    My kids are really excited for Halloween. I love to try these kit I bet kids would love this

  6. I absolutely love this idea. It’s so much fun and a great surprise for anyone who receives it. I can already think of a few people I would like to Boo

  7. looks so exciting. these kit are really perfect for the kids.

  8. What a cute concept! We have a single mom of three who lives next door. I bet she would love something like this to happen to her!

  9. At first, I thought it (BOO) is related to neighborhood issues because there are a lot of internet slangs like Bae for baby. So I thought boo is for something bad. LOL. By the way, it is a cute kit.

  10. Melissa Bernardo says:

    Cute boo kits! Great for a Halloween party. Thanks for sharing.

  11. PARPAR DE REAL says:

    What a good idea to surprise neighbors hahaha it’s so creative and i so love it!

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