Healthy Eyes & Carrot Apple Bread

Who besides me has contacts in their eyes as they are reading this?  Raise your hand!  With all the scuttle about Contacts going around – I wanted to find out how to keep my eyes healthy and safe (because I love my contacts and SO prefer them to glasses). Like I said – I love my contact lenses.  I have a 9 year old that is wearing glasses (I’m also assuming that his brothers will follow since both my husband {Read More}

Quick Mini Cheddar Cheese Loaves

Quick Mini Cheddar Cheese Loaves are a snap to make – have homemade bread on the table in 30 minutes! Perfect addition to dinner! Quick Mini Cheddar Cheese Loaves are a PERFECT last minute side/bread to make.  They go with just about everything (or ok just by itself!).  We ate half of these before we even got to dinner!  My family loved them. I’m a big fan of anything that I can throw together with basic ingredients.  Quick Mini Cheddar {Read More}

Lemon Crumb Loaf

Lemon Crumb Loaf has a fresh lemon flavor, crumb topping and finished off with a glaze. So delicious, have it for dessert or breakfast! So excited for this post!  We have so many blogger friends out there in blogger-world (yes, that’s a technical term, heehee), and once in awhile we gather together and do something fun like this FREAKY FRIDAY recipe swap! Within this group we were all assigned a blogger and from their site we were to choose a {Read More}

Pumpkin Eggnog Bread with Bob’s Red Mill Flour

Pumpkin Eggnog Bread combines two of my favorite holiday flavors!  When you think of Thanksgiving and Christmas you think of pumpkin and eggnog – so I decided to combine the two into a delicious, moist quick bread (they are my favorite!).  Then I found out that Bob’s Red Mill was making flour!  Um…yes yes please.  I’ve always used Bob’s Red Mill Wheat Germ in my kids smoothies and they make great steel cut oats too.  So when I found out {Read More}

Apple Bread

Apple Bread is a quick bread that will taste like dessert. It’s full of fall flavors and a great treat to make – easy recipe too! I am a huge fan of quick breads.  Sometimes I use them to try to get something healthy into my family – other times I just use them as a semi-dessert.  This Apple Bread is definitely on the dessert side.  It’s extremely moist and sweet – and it’s just delicious! I used a new {Read More}