Creamy Pineapple Pretzel Dessert

Creamy Pineapple Pretzel Dessert is an easy dessert that you can whip up in no time at all. Cool, creamy and refreshing, great for summer or holidays! Creamy Pineapple Pretzel Dessert is such a wonderful summery dessert! I can’t say how quickly my kids gobbled this up, pretty much in record time. If you’ve been following us for some time, you’ll notice a trend on Who Needs A Cape?, we enjoy delicious yet EASY recipes. Recipes that in turn provide {Read More}

Boozy Whipped Lemonade

Boozy Whipped Lemonade makes a fabulous summer cocktail. Whipped Vodka with a hint of pineapple and lemonade is all you need for this great beverage. Somethings just scream SUMMER! Lemonade is one of them, it is one of my favorite beverages, the tarter the better.  So this Boozy Whipped Lemonade, just made sense to me.  A touch of tart, some yummy Pinnacle Whipped Vodka and a bit of delicious pineapple, the flavors all come together into one perfectly amazing summertime {Read More}

Pretty Peach Cake with Pineapple Frosting

Pretty Peach Cake with Pineapple Frosting is a wonderful summer dessert, great for summer BBQ’s or parties. Easy and delicious! Pretty Peach Cake with Pineapple Frosting, you’re gonna just love this recipe!  One of the hardest tasks that presents itself to me, is finding recipes that the entire family enjoys.  We have 6 children ranging from their mid-20’s all the way down to a toddler.  If a recipe passes the seal of approval from over 50% of the family, I’m beyond {Read More}

Tropical Baileys Colada

Tropical Baileys Colada, chocked full coconut, pineapple, banana, and rum flavors with the lovely addition of Baileys! This is an awesome summer drink. Looking for a fun & fresh cocktail that will leave you feeling like you’re sipping away on a hammock in the tropics? Well, then this Tropical Baileys Colada is just for you!!! You’re probably thinking, “Baileys in a colada? That can’t be good”.  Well, I’m here to make you a believer because it tastes fantastic with the {Read More}

Cherry Pineapple Cabana Cake

This Cherry Pineapple Cabana Cake is so simple to prepare and is always a huge hit! Fruit, coconut, creamy goodness that whisk you away to the tropics. Spring Break, what does that mean to you?  To some a beach vacation, toes dipped in the warm sand and basking in sunshine.  To others such as myself, I’ll have to settle for extra time with my children and some Cherry PineappleCabana Cake! This dessert will make you feel like you are being {Read More}