Mediterranean Orzo Salad

This Mediterranean Orzo Salad is the perfect addition to your meal. Whether with grilled meat or seafood, you’ll love the flavors and how easy it is. Mediterranean Orzo Salad Grilling season is quickly approaching and with it comes all the warmer weather dishes!  I personally cannot wait for the abundance of spring and summer dishes that I just don’t prepare during the winter.  Don’t think I’ve ever made pasta salad or fruit salad in the winter, the freshness of fruits and veggies {Read More}

Greek Bruschetta

Greek Bruschetta provides a great appetizer with it’s lovely fresh flavors. Great snack for any occasion. Greek Bruschetta might just be one of my favorite appetizers of all times.  I love just about any Greek flavor, and this combination of feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives – just yum.  I promise you’re going to love it!  You can eat it as an app (I did) or top some fish or chicken with this (that is on my list of things to do). {Read More}

Greek Pasta Salad

All your favorite flavors in this tasty Greek Pasta Salad. Loaded with veggies, pasta and an abundance of flavor, this will be your new favorite side. Greek Pasta Salad Making pasta salad is one of my favorite dishes. It’s not something I will buy. Takes a few minutes to cut everything, but the flavor on this is so worth it! Add to that – Greek Flavors are some of my MOST favorite!  I LOVE THEM!  Can’t get enough.  So I {Read More}