Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Chili

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Chili is a delicious way to change up your chili routine! Throw in the ingredients into your crockpot and BAM, dinner is done!   Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Chili Chili is one of our favorite meals. It’s so perfect for almost any occasion that we eat a lot of chili in our house. What’s fantastic? Finding a new recipe for a new chili that you haven’t tried before! Well, welcome to Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Chili. {Read More}

Slow Cooker Fajitas

Slow Cooker Fajitas, a fantastic tasting meal that’s easy to make!. A great freezer meal, prep ahead of time and make dinner simple. A true family favorite! Slow Cooker Fajitas I love having my freezer full of freezer meals. Have you done it yet? It really takes the panic of 3 pm out of my life. I HATE deciding what to eat and what to cook – I think that is the worst part of making dinner (ok I’m not {Read More}

Slow Cooker Island Chicken

Slow Cooker Island Chicken is a deliciously simple dish. Pair with a fresh salad and mashed potatoes, dinner is done. Great freezer meal too!   Nothing tastes as good as a really flavorful dinner already cooked when I get home from work. Am I alone here? Island Chicken is just that. It’s not fruity island either, it’s just super flavorful and tastes so amazing – of course they’d eat it on an island – I would too! Island Chicken is {Read More}