Boozy Mocha Coffee

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I LOVE a Boozy Mocha Coffee, you’re going to love making this simple (and delicious) cocktail!

Boozy Mocha Coffee

My kids know that my favorite drink is coffee (yes I even love it more than vodka). If mommy gets cranky I kid you not, my oldest will go to the kitchen to try to make me coffee. (He doesn’t actually know how to do it hahaha but it’s cute that he wants to try!) So for me??? The perfect Mother’s Day Gift is a coffee mug. The MOST perfect Mother’s Day Gift for me? Is to make me a Personalized Mother’s Day Coffee Mug. You guys I’m in LOVE WITH THIS MUG!

Boozy Mocha Coffee 1

I’m obsessed with my beautiful Personalized Mother’s Day Coffee Mug from It’s just so sweet and it’s just perfect to hold my Boozy Mocha Coffee! ok and it’s perfect to hold my daily coffee. It has my boys birthdays and I love it. The colors are gorgeous, it’s high quality and I love it. You need to get one for your mom! And you need to make her a Boozy Mocha Coffee – you are the reason she drinks! HA!

Boozy Mocha Coffee 2

Mother’s Day is super important you guys – make sure you’re getting your mom the perfect gift! This is no joke! It’s important!!! I can’t stress this enough! has the most amazing selection of personalized gifts and they have a huge Mother’s Day Gift selection. Make sure to find your mom’s perfect gift! (it’s so easy with such great stuff!).

Boozy Mocha Coffee 3

OK, so now that you know where to shop for your mom (HINT GO NOW), we can talk about your new favorite after dinner drink. The Boozy Mocha Coffee is so delish and so easy – you will serve it to yourself and others all the time. So yummy. It’s the perfect after brunch drink for Mother’s Day (AND EVERYDAY). I love a simple, but tasty cocktail – it’s how I work. This is quickly going to become your favorite!

One note – I used Tia Maria Liqueur because it’s my favorite in coffee, however you could actually use Kahlua – I know it’s more popular and more people already have that in their houses!

Boozy Mocha Coffee

Boozy Mocha Coffee


  • 4-6 ounces coffee
  • 1.5 ounces Tia Maria
  • 1.5 ounces Chocolate Liqueur (the creamy kind not the clear - I use Godiva)
  • Whipped Cream


  1. Add liqueurs to a hot cup of coffee
  2. Top with whipped cream and serve immediately

Boozy Mocha Coffee - After Dinner Drink


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