Boozy Mocha Coffee

This post has been sponsored, but the opinions/recipe/content are all my own! I LOVE a Boozy Mocha Coffee, you’re going to love making this simple (and delicious) cocktail! My kids know that my favorite drink is coffee (yes I even love it more than vodka). If mommy gets cranky I kid you not, my oldest will go to the kitchen to try to make me coffee. (He doesn’t actually know how to do it hahaha but it’s cute that he {Read More}

Iced Boozy Coffee

Iced Boozy Coffee is a really yummy way to have an after dinner drink. It’s simple to make but has a powerful punch of flavor! Iced Boozy Coffee is a super yummy treat. I don’t drink a lot of iced coffee because I like a STRONG cup of coffee and the ice waters it down! SO to do this I made coffee ice cubes (highly recommend), and then I also chilled my coffee before mixing. The combination of the boozy {Read More}