Amazing Flatbread

Calling a flatbread Amazing Flatbread…I feel like I have a lot to live up to on this recipe. BUT I’m going to tell you that yes this flatbread is absolutely amazing. Not only is the taste fantastic, it’s easy and quick. You’re going to LOVE LOVE LOVE! So keep reading!

Amazing Flatbread

Before we go on – I have to come clean. My husband invented and made Amazing Flatbread. I can’t lie about it (because he’ll read this and tell on me – Hi Honey!). I’m telling you he’s the best and this flatbread was the best. Sorry though ladies – he’s taken! When he was making this I was taking pictures. Through the whole thing he is telling me, “Make sure I get credit” so I give credit where it’s due 😉 I enjoyed every bite, but I didn’t make it!

Amazing Flatbread

The one cheat we did was buy flatbread – I didn’t make it (nor did he) from scratch. With the topping that we chose though? It tasted homemade – that’s my FAVORITE kind of food. From start to finish I think that my husband had this made in less than a half an hour. Which is AMAZING – see why it’s called Amazing Flatbread?

Amazing Flatbread

One thing I highly recommend is buying a pizza stone if you don’t already have one! I think it really added to the taste of the flatbread. And beyond that? We’ve used it to make low carb tortilla pizzas, etc – it’s already paid for itself in our house.

Also one recipe note, this is a flatbread so ingredients are here and there. Spread it on until it has enough topping for your taste. We didn’t necessarily measure each and every thing. We put on enough toppings for our taste and that was the way it went. Don’t worry – you’ll know when the flatbread is full that you have enough!

Amazing Flatbread is a simple but delicious appetizer (or dinner) to make. Everyone will rave about this yummy flatbread with loads of delicious flavors!

Amazing Flatbread

Amazing Flatbread


  • i flatbread oven ready
  • Balsamic vinegar- enough to drizzle over entire flatbread
  • Honey - a little less than the balsamic vinegar
  • Chopped green apples
  • Caramelized Red Onions
  • Blue Cheese
  • Chopped Walnuts


  1. Heat up your pizza stone according to the directions
  2. Start with Balsamic Vinegar and drizzle over flatbread
  3. Add honey
  4. Start topping with apples, onions and blue cheese
  5. Finish with a sprinkle of walnuts
  6. Cook at 450 for about 4-5 minutes
  7. Serve immediately

Amazing Flatbread is the perfect appetizer, snack or even dinner! Really easy to make, but the taste will knock your socks off!

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