Cinnamon Peach Oatmeal Smoothie

You guys know that I LOVE to share things as I find them, and this is one of those days! Yup, I have learned that besides having awesome commercials that Aflac not only has amazing commercials, but they have some valuable insurance policies as well. I know, I know – you may already know this! But, if you’re not already using Aflac you’re going to want to keep reading so you can become as in awe of Aflac as I am! Ok {Read More}

Peach Melon Cooler

I love this Peach Melon Cooler. It’s really a tasty cocktail and it just smacks of summer! I’m in the mood! YUM (plus don’t tell anyone but it’s SUPER easy to make! Even better right?) A fun thing I did with the Peach Melon Cooler was to use frozen peaches instead of ice cubes. You don’t have to – but if you’re serving it to friends – it makes such a fun impression! And as the peaches melt their flavor {Read More}

Perfect Peach Frozen Cocktail

Somedays you just need something fruity and delicious – and somedays you need to add vodka into that fruity delicious!  Today is one of those days.  The Perfect Peach Frozen Cocktail is just so yum you’re going to need to try it for yourself. I’m not a fan of buying mixers to make drinks – if you’re getting out your blender anyways – just make it with real fruit!  I used frozen peaches in the Perfect Peach and it was {Read More}

Peachy Raspberry Crisp

Wonderfully fruity dessert that is easy yet big on flavor! This Peachy Raspberry Crisp is the perfect summer dessert! So easy to throw together, you can get this in the oven after dinnertime and have dessert in the evening while enjoying the warm breezes of summer. Ideally we’d all love to use fresh fruit but if you can’t, easily substitute frozen peaches and raspberries in this crisp. I actually used frozen peaches and fresh raspberries, but mix it up if {Read More}

Pretty Peach Cake with Pineapple Frosting

LUCKY LEAF® provided me with pie filling in order to make this recipe.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own. Pretty Peach Cake with Pineapple Frosting, you’re gonna just love this recipe!  One of the hardest tasks that presents itself to me, is finding recipes that the entire family enjoys.  We have 6 children ranging from their mid-20’s all the way down to a toddler.  If a recipe passes the seal of approval from over 50% of the family, I’m beyond {Read More}