Swamp Potion

Whip up some Swamp Potion for Halloween parties! Non-alcoholic and so much fun! Kids and adults love the way it looks and tastes! BOO! Are you excited that Halloween is just around the corner? In fact just yesterday we headed to Cedar Point Amusement Park for one of their Halloweekends. The Halloween decorations were amazing, they must have brought in at least a million pumpkins. There was so much to do and see, my kids had a blast participating in {Read More}

Cherry Lemonade

Cherry Lemonade is the perfect summer drink! Everyone at your next BBQ will LOVE it! It’s a snap to make (let your blender do the work!) I have ALWAYS wanted to make my own lemonade.  But, I didn’t want to stop at just plain lemonade (hey if you’re going to make it – make it special right?).  I chose cherries because my family inhales them!  And I thought it would look pretty (I was right about that!).  So Cherry Lemonade {Read More}

Fruity Agua Fresca Beverage

Fruity Agua Fresca Beverage is the ideal beverage for summertime sipping. Packed with all sorts of fruit, it is refreshing and thirst-quenching! This Fruity Agua Fresca Beverage is not only refreshing on a hot summer day, but also takes no time at all to throw together.  Roughly translated to mean “fresh waters”, this light combination of water and fruit is tasty and an ideal thirst-quencher for summertime sipping. Gather up your cut fruit, plug the blender in and start adding ingredients.  Get {Read More}

Caramel Apple Cider Float

The perfect combination of fall favorites come together in this scrumptious Caramel Apple Cider Float! Perfect for parties or as an after school treat! At my house caramel reigns supreme, I use it in and on all sorts of recipes!  This time around I made an ooey-gooey Caramel Apple Cider Float with all sorts of autumn flavors.  Really doesn’t matter whether your caramel is homemade, slow cooked or from a tub or jar, it will taste fabulous!  I did make {Read More}

Cranberry Cooler

Cranberry Cooler is a refreshing non-alcoholic sipper perfect for hot summer days. Loaded with cranberry flavor you’ll love this beverage! Summer is almost here! It’s a beautiful day as I sit and write this and it feels like it’s time to drink something summery. This drink is barely a recipe, but at the same time I love the idea so much that I had to share it with you!  So yes, very simple, but very lovely and refreshing. I get {Read More}