Swamp Potion

Whip up some Swamp Potion for Halloween parties! Non-alcoholic and so much fun! Kids and adults love the way it looks and tastes! BOO! Are you excited that Halloween is just around the corner? In fact just yesterday we headed to Cedar Point Amusement Park for one of their Halloweekends. The Halloween decorations were amazing, they must have brought in at least a million pumpkins. There was so much to do and see, my kids had a blast participating in {Read More}

Spooky Halloween Drinks

These Spooky Halloween Drinks use TEN Soda, save calories without losing flavor. Orange Scream-sicle Cocktail and Swamp Juice will be huge party hits. That oh so spooky, but yet oh so fun time of the year is approaching again, Halloween! If your family is anything like mine, we love combining holidays with fun food and drinks.  Now since we have little ones at our house we keep Halloween on the fun/cutesy side vs. the over the top creepy side.  Our {Read More}

Sparkling Raspberry Limeade Sherbet Float

Sparkling Raspberry Limeade Sherbet Floats are a fun and tasty treat. Serve this dessert any time of the year for a cold treat. My little girls have been eating rainbow sherbet lately.  In fact we started buying it at Aldi (and you know how I feel about Aldi) as soon as the weather warmed up.  While scooping some the other night I had one of those lightbulb moments, and wondered why I couldn’t combine the yumminess of sherbet with the {Read More}