Last in School Valentine’s Day

This post has been sponsored, but as always all ideas, comments and recommendations are mine! Make your kids Last in School Valentine’s Day memorable and fun (and easy and sweet and personalized!!) oh Valentine’s Day. We all want to make it fun for our kids right? I know I’ve worked on it (it was never a big deal in my house growing up so I wanted to make it fun for my kids so they have some fun memories). Having {Read More}

Jingle Balls ~ No Bake Sugar Cookie Balls

Make some Jingle Balls No Bake Sugar Cookie Balls for your holiday parties. Christmas is a time for yummy treats, great for cookie trays & exchanges. Yup! It’s that time of year! Time to start gathering recipes and getting ready to impress your family with your new baking (or NON BAKING) treats! I think that we are ALL busy enough during the Holidays so if you can find a simple, yummy treat to whip up? It’s then the perfect recipe. {Read More}

Play Time Fun with Little Charmers

^That’s the face I LOVE seeing all through the holidays (ok every day but especially at the holidays)! Have you heard of the adorable show Little Charmers?  It’s SO SWEET!  Girls (and I’m sure some boys) all over are falling in love with the cute Little Charmers and I can see why. I love shows that feature friendships ~ I really like it when my girls have a show that shows how wonderful true friends are.  The Magic of Friendship {Read More}

Holidays with Hoover

I think that when you finally embrace the fact that you are a grown up and have to clean your own house, you become obsessed with finding the perfect vacuum cleaner.  Am I alone in this?  I know I’ve had conversations with my friends to find which vacuum I should buy next – so I can’t be completely alone! I recently heard about the Hoover Cordless Vacuum line.  Did you hear that?  Cordless.  No replugging to get the house vacuumed. {Read More}

White Chocolate Pumpkintini

White Chocolate Pumpkintini is a perfect cocktail dessert to make this year! Great for parties and the holiday season, you’ll love this fall beverage. White Chocolate Pumpkintini Do I really need to even talk about this? A White Chocolate Pumpkintini? It’s so good – you have to make one this fall! I wanted to have something a bit different than my normal Fall Drinks! Honestly, I had never mixed any kind of chocolate flavors with pumpkin…but I have now!  And {Read More}