Kids Day in NYC

Going to a big city can be so much fun with your kids! Get some tips and places to see on your Kids Day in NYC!

Kids Day in NYC

I love going on adventures with my family. It feels SO GOOD to be out of the diaper bag stage and stroller stage, it’s easy smeasy to get out and about now! So we decided that this year was the perfect time to go and have our first Kids Day in NYC. I have a list of tips of how to make your day great! Keep reading!

Central Park

Central Park

My husband and I had been to NYC a few times pre-kids (It’s about 3 hours away from us), we’ve been to Philly and Chicago with kids but we had never taken the big jump to NYC. It’s just so big! It’s easy to get overwhelmed. So here’s a big tip: Pick 2 things that you really HAVE to do and then plan the rest of the day around that. You’re not going to see the whole city in one trip – not even close! Which is fine – now you have an excuse to go back!

Kids Day in NYC 2

Our really big thing that we wanted to do? The American Museum of Natural History. Yes if you liked Night at the Museum? You’re going to LOVE this place. Wait there is so much more. I loved this museum. My boys REALLY loved this museum (including my husband). There was something for everyone (which is what I’m always looking for). Above my boys are standing in front of a real piece of a meteor (or meteorite? I get that confused). There was a whole space and stars section.

Kids Day in NYC 1

There were dinosaur bones. There were bones of all kinds. It was a fantastic place to go with kids. It was also crowded!!!! It’s super popular. But, I will say I was like ugh – this is going to be crazy! ┬áIt wasn’t. The museum is SO HUGE that you can find all kinds of things, never feel over crowded and just have a super great time. I highly recommend!

Kids Day in NYC 5

We also made it to Nintendo! My video game loving boys were in love.

I promised you a list of tips! Here they are:

  • Dress Comfy and have what you need for the weather. We went in December – coats, gloves, hats were all in my back pack. I let my boys wear comfy pull on pants. We were going to be on the go all day – be comfortable.
  • Wear good shoes that you can walk in. We clocked over 5 miles and if I was in fancy shoes – NO!
  • Pack a great back pack or bag. I like back packs for travel because my husband will carry it too. I had a some spare clothes just in case, I had all of our winter gear. You never know what you’re going to need!
  • Watch a NYC Movie first. It was December – we watched Elf! I showed them some spots in Central Park that it was filmed.
  • It’s ok to be a tourist! Wander around – enjoy the sites – it is amazing
  • DO NOT try to pack too much into your day. Our Lyft ride took 30-40 minutes and I think we went 5 miles. It’s busy – you won’t get to everything.
  • Have Uber or Lyft on your phone. Taxi’s are great but if you’re a family like mine (over 4 people) it’s so nice to be able to order a big car that will fit you.
  • Do a bit of research on restaurants around where you’re going to be. I have a FUSSY 7 year old so I had to make sure to find a place he could eat!

Fun Kids Day in NYC

Thanks to the American Museum of Natural History for the complementary tickets. Your staff and museum really made our Kids Day in NYC amazing!

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