Cherry Bourbon Slush

Liven up your Bourbon and make a Cherry Bourbon Slush – easy to make and tastes delish!


Sometimes you need to have fun with your cocktails right? Even if you’re a bourbon drinker. Cherry Bourbon Slush is fruity enough if you’re NOT a bourbon drinker and bourbonny (Is that a word?) if you are. It’s a really fun cocktail that everyone will totally love! I know I did! My husband did. We enjoyed for sure. you’re going to too!


I love spicing up just a normal Friday Night with a new and yummy cocktail. I had some amazing bourbon (my husband’s favorite drink is bourbon) and I didn’t feel like just a plain bourbon cocktail. I decided to get out the blender and add a bit of cherry juice and a smidge of sprite and voila the Cherry Bourbon Slush was born. Grab yourself your favorite appetizer and your blender. You’re going to love having a drink!


What’s fun about Cherry Bourbon Slush? Is that you can make a huge blender full and entertain your friends! I love being able to make every one a drink at the same time. That makes having friends over so easy right? So not only is this a great drink to mix it up on a week-end happy hour, it’s the perfect drink to mix up for a get together! What’s great? is that because it’s a bourbon frozen drink it’s not a typical frozen drink – and I LOVE that. The guys can’t complain that it’s too girly and the girls can’t complain that they don’t do stiff bourbon drinks. It’s PERFECT you guys.  You’re going to thank me every time you mix this up.

So I suggested that you pair the Cherry Bourbon Slush with a fantastic appetizer…Here’s some of my top choices!


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Cherry Bourbon Slush

Cherry Bourbon Slush


  • 1-2 C ice
  • 3 oz bourbon
  • 2 oz cherry juice/grenadine
  • 3-4 oz sprite/7-up


  1. Put everything in the blender and hit the button!
  2. Serve immediately


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