Watermelon Vodka

Infusing Vodka is SO easy – you’re going to love the taste of Watermelon Vodka and you’re going to LOVE how easy it is to make! Have a Taste of Summer with this today! Summer should always have a fun cocktail. At least in my house it does. I know that you can buy 10,000 flavors of vodka in the store now, but I’ve always found that infusing my own flavor leads to a better taste – nothing artificial just {Read More}

Cinnamon Infused Vodka

  It’s fall and all things must be pumpkin, apple, caramel and cinnamon right?  At least in my world!  And I adore infusing my own vodka – it’s a much better, much more “real” (no artificial) flavor – it’s worth the time and effort.  So with all things fall I thought that we’d better have some Cinnamon Infused Vodka to make our delicious fall cocktails with. You could add Cinnamon Infused Vodka into a lot of different cocktails ~ and {Read More}

Lemon Head Infused Vodka

Have you tried making your own infused vodka? So easy, right? Lemon Head Infused Vodka make a fantastic cocktail with a fun spin! Making an infused vodka has ALWAYS been in my head.  I have been drinking Vanilla infused Vodka since the 90’s (that doesn’t make me old does it?).  I love the extra flavor that you get from having a flavored liquor.  YUM. For my birthday last year I got so many gifts of lemon heads (a sick obsession {Read More}