9 Festive Cranberry Cocktails

Get your holiday season in full swing with these 9 Festive Cranberry Cocktails! Perfect for parties, you’ll love the selection! If there’s ever a time for a festive cocktail it’s during the holiday season, wouldn’t you agree? Last month we debuted our Cranberry Kringle Cocktail, and it was very well received. Seems to be loads of cranberry loving followers out there! This success led me to gathering some other delicious cranberry creations for our followers. Introducing to you today: 9 {Read More}

All Christmas Cocktails

For all your Holiday needs, you’ll find a cocktail that you love. We have All the Christmas Cocktails that you could ever want! I know that I annoy just about everyone I know with how much I absolutely love Christmas. But, there are so many great things to love. It’s not just the presents for me, it’s the family and friends, the food and the drinks, the parties and the fun! That’s why I decided that we needed a super {Read More}

Plan the Perfect Cocktail Party

Before we begin…I do not claim to be Emily Post or Martha Stewart.  When I have friends over and entertain – I also want to have fun!  That’s why I had them over!  So here’s some tips to hosting and enjoying a GREAT Cocktail Party The Perfect Cocktail Party begins with what else?  A perfect cocktail!  So…let’s begin shall we? Have 1 signature cocktail and do it well.  You could have beer, wine, and one cocktail.  You could have other {Read More}