Bite-Sized Mini Cherry Pies

Bite-Sized Mini Cherry Pies what could be more delish? Easy to prepare, fun to eat and it’ll satisfy your sweet tooth too! Isn’t bite-sized food always just a little bit more fun to eat? Whether it be fancy appetizers or desserts, something that comes in miniature form and tastes delicious isn’t bad in my book! I had a package of refrigerated pie crusts staring me in the face every time I opened the fridge, luckily I also had a sweet-tooth {Read More}

Hot Cherry Pie Cocktail

Hot Cherry Pie Cocktail is deliciousness in a glass. Super easy to make, you’ll love this beverage at the end of a chilly winter day! It’s that time of year to have some warm treats right?  Well – this is a cocktail just perfect for that!  It’s Hot, Yummy and the taste is exactly that of a piece of Hot Cherry Pie!  You have to try it! (Plus it’s so simple – everyone can do it!) I love a hot {Read More}