Creamy Basil BLT Bagel Bites

Creamy Basil BLT Bagel Bites make such a delicious appetizer or snack. Great for parties, BBQ’s or tailgating, these bite-sized gems are yummy. I think if I had to pick one type of food to survive on for the rest of my life it would be appetizers. I LOVE having snacky type dinners and I LOVE having snacks out for game day, a good movie, a nice cocktail. Really it’s the kind of food that I adore.   I was {Read More}

Israeli Couscous with Pesto

I have been trying new and different side dishes with my family. Earlier in the summer we had Israeli Couscous Caprese Salad and it was a big hit even with the younger crowd. This time around I decided to pair Pesto with the Israeli Couscous and again it was a big hit. I really liked this Israeli Couscous with Pesto for two reasons: It was quick, and it was easy! Okay three reasons, because it was really yummy too! If {Read More}

Pesto Butter

For an easy way to add flavor to almost any savory dish, Pesto Butter is a great addition to a meal. Great for freezing and using later! I love making a stash of Pesto Butter for the freezer, so I can pull it out and use it on salmon, chicken or even bread on occasion… great to have around for grilling season to easily flavor almost any meat, poultry, fish or vegetable!  It is such an easy thing to make {Read More}

Balsamic Tomato Flank Steak

You will find so many flavors of summer in this fresh dish of Balsamic Tomato Flank Steak. A dish perfect for dining outside on a warm summer evening.One of my favorite dishes to make in the summer is Balsamic Tomato Flank Steak.  The large varieties of summer produce around at farmer’s markets just makes me want to make all these fresh light meals.  I used both grape and cherry tomatoes for a variety of color and taste, but feel free to use {Read More}

Basil Pepper Infused Vodka

Bring your cocktails to life with Basil Pepper Infused Vodka! Easy to make and perfect for gift-giving too! Your Bloody Mary will thank you! I know I know.  You are all yelling at the computer “We get it!  YOU LIKE VODKA!” and yes, yes I do.  I love the fact that you can make almost ANY flavor you want of vodka – how fun is that?  You can always have something with a slightly different taste to compliment the drink {Read More}