Passing Time During the Holiday Rush

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Grab your phone, sit down for a few and find the free Solitaire app by MobilityWare, The perfect app for Passing Time During the Holiday Rush.


Let me paint this all too familiar picture for you. You find yourself smack dab in the middle of the holiday season hustle and bustle. There are lists a mile long, everything is rush, rush, rush, then hurry up and wait. Whether you are at home or traveling during the season, it seems as though there’s never enough genuine down time.

For me personally there was one day in the midst of the holiday season that  I found myself on my feet in my kitchen for 9 solid hours. The next day I vowed I was going to find a few moments here and there to just chill. I’m not one to pick up a book during the day, or turn the TV on and sit back, the moments have to be right for me to do either of those. What I will tell you is that 9 times out of 10 when I make myself sit down to relax, my phone is in my hand.


Then the lightbulb went off, what a great time to scroll through and find good old Solitaire! Yes the same version of Solitaire that you’ve been playing on your desktop computer is right there conveniently found in the App Store. For me it is the perfect break, I can sit down open the Solitaire app and play to my heart’s content. Now if you like customizing your game, there’s tons of theme options available. I choose a fun wintertime theme, since well I live in Michigan and winter has arrived.


There’s even Solitaire iMessage stickers for additional fun and creativity. Daily Challenges are a fun bonus, each day you can earn a crown and earn trophies by earning more crowns. This isn’t your grandma’s Solitaire, there’s plenty to keep you entertained with in this fun free app that’s sure to entertain. Sitting down and playing a few quick games of Solitaire during the craziness of the holiday season gives me time to refresh and renew my energy for the next items on my to-do list.


I’ve even taught my daughter how to play Solitaire on this app, there’s a fun feature “Winning Deals” which creates a game with a hand that is guaranteed to have a minimum of one winning solution. Fun, right? I would have loved this as a kid. In addition you can use the “Show Me How to Win” which basically walks you through the required moves to win. Gotta love that! So next time you find yourself traveling, stuck in line at the grocery store, waiting for grandma to finish dinner or even just need a quick break, grab your phone and download the free Solitaire by MobilityWare app. Such a great way to pass some time during busy times.

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