Summer at the Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore

Not THAT Jersey Shore – there will be no fist pumping (well, if you want but only for fun ;)).  The South Jersey Shore is alive and well.  Hurricane Sandy did some damage, but we are still here.  We are ready for the summer!  Bring on the fun!!!!

So here is some inside information – here’s what I would make sure to do if I did a vacation here.  And, actually, we do most of these things once a summer – my kids can’t grow up 1 mile away from the Boardwalk and not go on it!

  1. Of course, THE BEACH!  There are so many nice beaches all for different reasons.  Cape May is beautiful and has a lovely beach.  You’ll need a beach tag so don’t forget it!  Wildwood is absolutely huge.  There is no chance of being crowded.  Seriously!  The Wildwood Crest Fishing Pier is hysterical (go look) it’s so far away from the water now (it used to be an actual fishing pier, but the way the currents go, the Wildwoods pick up extra sand in almost any storm).  And North Wildwood, Wildwood, and Wildwood Crest are all free beaches.  If you are feeling adventurous (for a long walk in the sand) head to Wildwood.
  2. You must do a boardwalk.  Atlantic City still has the Steal Pier, Ocean City has a very family friendly boardwalk (Ocean City is a dry island – so it’s actually great for family’s with small kids), and of course Wildwood has Morey’s Piers.
  3. If you have a babysitter, or no kids with you, head to the Casino.  There are some great restaurants and of course throw some money into the slots!  I personally don’t bring my kids to Atlantic City much because if I’m going I am going to have to gamble a bit.  The Tropicana has the quarter which has all kinds of fun and delicious restaurants. The best is Fin, it’s on the second floor overlooking the ocean.  Food is amazing and so is the view.  The Borgata has some real high class restaurants that you might want to hit.  Catch a show!  Go shopping in the AC Outlets!
  4. Feel like a little history?  Go see the sunken concrete ship in Cape May.  Yes, they made ships out of concrete!  Or go to the Cape May Light House.  You can tour the lighthouse (for a small fee) and you can see the WWII bunker.  You can get a little history by going to Smithfield, NJ.  It’s a cute little village where the houses have all been turned into adorable shops!  You can feed the ducks, shop, and walk around while seeing some old architecture!
  5. Have a true seafood dinner.  You’re at the shore – you must.  It’s required.  Some of my suggestions? (you knew I had a bunch right?)  Cape May area The Pier House amazing with a Greek influence on some of the dishes, Lucky Bones is very casual but still great food, and The Harbor View has a great deck where you can eat and drink on the water while your kids play with the hula hoops or if you want a nicer dinner go upstairs and enjoy the view and the amazing dinners!  Wildwood has Marie Nicole’s YUM!    Margate has Steve and Cookie’s another do not miss!  There is good food everywhere in South Jersey – you just have to look for it.

There is tons more to do.  The Jersey Shore is really a great place for a nice family vacation.  If you’ve never been here – give it a try!  And you regular Jersey Shore visitors what did I miss???

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  1. I really appreciated the insider info! These were some really great tips for those heading to the Jersey Shore. From amusement parks to historical adventure, it sounds like a wonderful place to visit.

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