Adult Cherry Limeade

Summer is just made for fruity cocktails! One of my favorites is Adult Cherry Limeade, a little tart, a little sweet, a whole lot of yum! There’s nothing like a cool and refreshing drink after a long hot summery day! This Adult Cherry Limeade came about after such a day. In fact my kids were quenching their thirst with a big pitcher of Cherry Limeade and as the day was drawing closer to an end the lightbulb went off over {Read More}

Boozy Citrus Spritzer

Boozy Citrus Spritzer is the perfect, fun cocktail to have! It’s fruity and delicious! You can serve it by the pitcher for parties or by the glass! I love having a fruity cocktail. It tastes like summer (although you can drink it anytime and get that feeling which is why I love it). Boozy Citrus Spritzer is the perfect summer tasting, fruity cocktail. What’s fantastic about it is that this is the perfect party/backyard BBQ drink. You can easily make {Read More}

NCAA Football Bloody Mary Recipes

Are you ready for some NCAA football?  That most favored time of the year has finally arrived!!! College football games are abundant and so are the rivalries! Around here we have one of the biggest and heated rivalries in college football: Michigan vs. Ohio State! Southeast Michigan bleeds Maize & Blue, but drive only a short 45 minutes south and the tide turns to Scarlet & Gray! Saturday football around here is never boring! Now we all know the games {Read More}

Lemon Cherrytini

Lemon Cherrytini is a fabulous summer drink! This cocktail has flavors that everyone loves, perfectly refreshing and so delicious! It’s definitely time for summer sipping and nothing says “summer” to me than the sweet flavors of summer fruits like Cherries!  I wanted something a bit different so when I made Cherry Lemonade and Cherry Vodka I knew there was a recipe of combining the two into a perfect drink!  That’s how the Lemon Cherrytini was born! This is a party {Read More}

Cherry Infused Vodka

Cherry Infused Vodka is better homemade. You’ll impress everyone with cocktails made with this amazing Vodka! Perfect for parties! Cherry Vodka is a must make.  Yes, I realize that you can buy it, but you can buy boxed Mac and Cheese too – home made is just BETTER!  First of all it turns pink.  *Fun* Second the cherry flavor REALLY gets into the vodka and the taste is nothing like the store bought.  Third?  you can eat the cherries after {Read More}