Strawberry Lime Boozy Cooler

Summer Sipping has never been this refreshing. Mix up a Strawberry Lime Boozy Cooler and enjoy the hot weather!

Strawberry Lime Boozy Cooler 1

Summer is here and you know I like to lighten up my cocktail when the hot weather hits! Sometimes I do a bit of Frozen sometimes I do a lighter drink…either way – you know a cool cocktail on a hot summer day is just the best of the best right?

You know another thing that is the best? Not having to go to the liquor store. How amazing is getting your liquor delivered to you? I’m in love with it! I partnered up with to make the Strawberry Lime Boozy Cooler and wanted to tell you how awesome they are! They have EVERYTHING you could possibly need in the boozy department – including the Strawberry Stoli to make this cocktail with! Go over and shop around – you’ll love Drizly as much as I do!

Strawberry Lime Boozy Cooler

After you’ve ordered your ingredients at, you are going to love how easy it is to mix up a truly refreshing drink. Strawberry Lime Boozy Cooler is just so good! And to give full disclosure – I LOVE how low calorie it is – without having a diet taste. That’s all we ever want right? Low Calorie without diet taste? I promise this is the drink for you!

Strawberry Lime Boozy Cooler 2

Summer cocktails just need to taste great and be refreshing in the heat. Strawberry Lime Boozy Cooler does both for me and I love it. A quick note, if you’re really wanting to have some fun, instead of squeezing in the lime and floating in the strawberries, you could totally muddle the fruit together and REALLY get a limey strawberry drink. I thought that the flavor was really yummy the way that I made it, but I might muddle for a change here and there. Just put in a small amount of the club soda and smoosh those fruits all together – then add the rest of the ingredients! YUM

Happy Summer Sipping!

Strawberry Lime Boozy Cooler 3

Strawberry Lime Boozy Cooler


  • 2 ounces Strawberry Stoli
  • 4-6 ounces of Lime Club Soda/Seltzer
  • Fresh cut limes and strawberries


  1. Mix all ingredients (giving the limes a good squeeze) together in a glass with ice
  2. You could also make this by the pitcher and serve

Refreshing Strawberry lime Boozy Cooler

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