My Easy Plan for College Care Packages

Recently we marked a big transition in our family.  We dropped our daughter and her stuff off at her chosen college. She’s our first child to go away to school, and we’re all still in an adjustment period. Her school is over 9 hours away from our home. With that long distance we won’t be traveling to visit her very often.  To ease this transition, I’ve decided to send monthly care packages. No matter how old your kids are, they love {Read More}

Are You Excited for Pitch Perfect 2?

PITCH PERFECT 2 … YIPPEE!!! Are you ready for one of the most awaited movie premiers of this year?  You know the one…Pitch Perfect 2!!! Can I get a yippee and a whoo hoo!  If you’ve been waiting for the sequel to the 2012 hit, well the time has arrived!!!  Guess what? I’ve been waiting too!  Nothing like a great movie with great characters and SINGING!!! Have I mentioned before that I was a member of our high school choir {Read More}

Put Your Best Leg Forward #RockYourLegs

Summer is almost here, are you ready to #RockYourLegs ? With summer approaching quickly, my summer bucket list is getting longer and longer.  So many great things to do when the weather is nice and the days are long.  Spending time outdoors, mini family adventures, fun times with family and friends those are all things I’m looking forward to.  I’m also looking forward to having a couple of date nights with my husband.  We rarely get time to get out {Read More}