Peach Melon Cooler

Peach Melon Cooler is a light, fruity cocktail. It’s a taste of summer in a glass – serve it at your next brunch or BBQ (or even happy hour!) I love this Peach Melon Cooler. It’s really a tasty cocktail and it just smacks of summer! I’m in the mood! YUM (plus don’t tell anyone but it’s SUPER easy to make! Even better right?) A fun thing I did with the Peach Melon Cooler was to use frozen peaches instead {Read More}

Coconut Melon Cooler

Coconut Melon Cooler is a super easy summertime beverage. With only refreshing watermelon and coconut milk it is also a healthy sipping cooler. Summertime sipping coming your way with this Coconut Melon Cooler!  It is light, healthy & oh so EASY!  With only 2 ingredients and ice, you’ve got this…nothing complicated here! Watermelon is such a lovely snacking fruit, but can also easily be incorporated into salad and drinks for added health benefits.  It has Lycopene which is a good {Read More}