Cherry Lemon Crescent Ring

Brunches, Week-end Breakfasts or just a fantastic snack, Cherry Lemon Crescent Ring is the perfect danish to serve! Easy and delicious! Sometimes you just need a little home made something to spice up the menu right? But, a LOT of times I don’t have tons of time to do that spicing up! Enter the Cherry Lemon Crescent Ring. It literally takes minutes to put together and minutes in the oven. I’m telling you – I’m going to introduce you to {Read More}

Cherry Crescent Breakfast Braid

Cherry Crescent Breakfast Braid is a lovely yet easy breakfast that is perfect for holiday mornings. The family will love the sweet cherry flavor. This Cherry Crescent Breakfast Braid is my absolute favorite to devour at the breakfast table. ¬†Because the kids are usually waiting for their slice I have to be good and clean up my plate before eating it. ¬†I don’t know what you call it, not a coffee cake, not quite a danish but I do know {Read More}