Strawberry Bellini

Make a Strawberry Bellini for all your brunches, lunches and get togethers! This is a drink that is easy to make and will wow your friends with it’s taste! Strawberry Bellini could also be called a Strawberry Peach Mimosa.  And maybe I should have.  Bellini is actually very sensitive to some – they think it should NOT EVER use champagne but only a sparkling Italian wine (so…what most of us would just go ahead and call champagne) and freshly pureed {Read More}

Orange Absolution Cocktail

An easy cocktail to make that has great flavor – the Orange Absolution Cocktail is a wonderful drink to make! Easy, make it and serve it soon! I love finding new cocktails!  I stick with my favorites a lot, but it’s just so fun to find a new one.  Flipping through one of my bartending books (yes I have them) I found a recipe for a drink called “Absolution”.  BEST NAME EVER!  So – in typical Heather fashion I changed {Read More}

Cranberry Mimosa

Cranberry Mimosa (or a Poinsettia) is the perfect holiday cocktail. Serve this champagne cocktail at brunch, breakfast, dinner!   I’m not sure if I have told you…but I love champagne. It’s one of my favorite things to drink. I celebrate with it, I end a week with it, I have it at a BYOB. Love it. Sometimes I think you need to doll it up a bit though to drink it – there is nothing more festive than a Cranberry {Read More}

Blueberry Mimosa

Perfect for weekend brunch, parties or celebrations Blueberry Mimosa is easy to make and delicious. Cheers, you’ll love it! I’m always in search of a new cocktail – I think that is becoming obvious by now 😉  My husband had bought me a split of champagne and I was deciding how to use it 😉  I like a sweeter champagne and this was a drier version – no problem I just knew I had to do something to it before {Read More}