Bolognase Sauce

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Bolognase Sauce is SO easy to make. Don’t be scared to make Spaghetti Sauce from Scratch – a few ingredients and a little time is all you need!

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As a girl who has 100% Dutch heritage, I feel a little weird writing about and sharing a spaghetti sauce recipe.  I can hear it now, “what does she know?”  Well, depends on the day, but in this case a lot!  I got this recipe from a friend at my old work.  His parents were born and raised in Italy.  So, yes yes I am qualified!


Part two is that I feel funny writing this down cause it’s SO EASY!!!!  Seriously.  EASY!  Anyone can make this.  So let’s get down to business ok?

First – how I roll.  I make a HUGE pot of this sauce.  It’s not time consuming like you are in the kitchen for 6 hours, but you do have to let this sauce cook for a while.  So you aren’t a slave to the stove, but you have to be there to stir.  So why would I want to do that a lot?  I don’t.  So when I go I go big.  This is the perfect freezer food.  It thaws great and all you have to do is boil noodles, heat sauce for 10 minutes and bam – there is your dinner.

Second – you can’t get the measurements wrong, because for the most part there are none (although you do have to follow the can ratio’s).  But seriously, when you’re making a big old pot of gravy you do not need to measure how much Italian seasoning you put in.  Really.  Make it however flavorful you and your family like!


Third – play around with this.  If you don’t like ground meat in your sauce, don’t use it.  Consider putting some big slice of beef in and letting it simmer and taking it out before serving (We have used a cheap shank and removed it before eating – the beef flavor gets in but you aren’t eating the tough meat).  Many people will use a meat loaf mix (Pork, Hamburg, and Veal).  I love love love that flavor combo but I do my sauce cheap so plain old hamburg it is!  This isn’t rocket science.  It’s delicious sauce.

ps all of my pictures are for a doubled recipe of this!  So if it looks really large – it is!


By the way, if you buy on sale this is actually pretty cost effective too!  Rounded off the meat cost me $17, the tomatoes $8, onions, shallots and garlic $5.  So a total of  $30 or so to make 7 full meals (well plus pasta).  Not too shabby.


Bolognase Sauce/Gravy

Bolognase Sauce/Gravy


  • 3 cans of Tomato Sauce
  • 2 cans of Crushed Tomatoes
  • 1 can of Tomato Paste
  • Onions, sauteed
  • Shallots, sauteed
  • Garlic, slightly toasted
  • Olive Oil
  • 2-3 pounds of ground meat, browned
  • Italian spice
  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Basil (I love basil so I use extra even though there is some in the Italian spice)
  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Sugar


  1. So this is so easy, brown your meat - I add a lot of seasoning to the meat as you can see.
  2. Put all the cans of tomatoes into a large large pot (I multitask and do this while the meat is browning). Dump some more seasonings in there and maybe 1/4 cup of sugar - you (or at least I don't) want the sauce too sweet but it is necessary to have a little in there to hit the acid of the tomato.
  3. Turn the stove on very low under the pot. Tomatoes will easily burn and you want this to be a low and slow kind of cooking.
  4. When your meat is browned drain the grease. I will be really honest here, you have to put a small bit of the grease into the sauce. Yes, bad for you but yes good for the taste (I use a turkey baster and put one squirt - not a lot just a little flavor!) Add the meat into the tomatoes.
  5. Chop of some onions and sweat them with a healthy dose of Olive Oil. How fine you chop determines a smoother or chunkier style sauce. When the onions are well on their way all your shallots (shallots add so much flavor don't be shy!). And when the onions and the shallots are almost done add in some garlic for just a couple of minutes. Then add it to the tomatoes and meat.
  6. Now you have sauce! See? SO EASY!
  7. I let mine cook for at least another 2 hours. I want that garlic and onion taste all through the sauce. Stir it at least every 15 minutes.
  8. Out of this I got 7 1/2 meals (remember mine is doubled). I ate that night and then froze 6 1/2 more meals of sauce.

Bolognase Sauce is actually simple to make - this recipe is so authentic and amazing tasting. Freezes beautifully and you'll LOVE IT!


  1. I’ve had trouble getting the air out of the bag when making soups and sauces to freeze. Any hints?

    • Very carefully! I let the sauce completely cool. Then I put in enough for a dinner (so no where close to full). I zip up the bag almost the whole way and then slowly (standing the bag upright) push the air out as best I can!

      • Thanks for the reply. That’s pretty close to what I do, but when I lay the bags flat to freeze, there are more air pockets on top than I would like. I can get a little more out by zipping the bag shut, opening it just enough to insert a straw, sucking more air out, and then quickly removing the straw and rezipping the bag. I wonder if I could get additional air out by opening the bag after the sauce or soup is frozen, when I’m not dealing with a wobbling bag of unfrozen liquid.

  2. Do I need to double/triple this recipe to make the large pot you made?

  3. What size cans do you use?

    • The reason that I didn’t say sizes is you can use any size – as long as you are consistent. As long as you follow the 3-2-1 ratio of tomatoes and keep the can in the same category it will be good.

      To get a HUGE pot I use the big size cans (in the 20’s of ounces)

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