Blogger of the Week #61

 Welcome to Arman ~ his site, pictures and everything are amazing – be sure to go over and tell him “hi” from Who Needs a Cape?  Arman – thanks for doing this with us! ~ Heather Your Website?G’day readers of Who Needs a Cape (just want to chime in and say this is one epic blog name). My name is Arman and I’m the blogger over at A healthy living and lifestyle blog.   When did you start blogging? I {Read More}

Blogger of the Week #60

This week we are bringing you Kris – she’s awesome you’re going to love her!  Go over and say “hello” from Who Needs a Cape right away! ~ Heather   Your Website?  Big Rigs ‘n Lil’ Cookies  I mainly blog recipes, but I get in some other parts of our life with the occasional ride along in the semi. Snippits of the country life are always in the mix, which covers raising chickens to gardening. When did you start blogging? {Read More}

Blogger of the Week #59

Everyone say Hello to Ashley!  She’s awesome (I love people that DIY!)  While you are over at her blog seeing all of the beautiful things she does ~ Say “hi” from us 😉 ~ Heather My site is Simply Designing I started blogging about 4 years ago on a whim.  Then I had a baby, moved across the country, my husband started a brand new career.  So after life settled down, about two years later, I got serious about {Read More}

Blogger of the Week #58

Happy New Year!  It’s so nice to be back (or at least trying to get back) to a “normal” routine again!  And that includes Blogger of the Week!  I’m going to let Meg Take it away!!! ~ Heather Your Website? The Housewife in Training Files |   When did you start blogging? I started blogging beginning of October 2013; the first year is under my belt! After going to culinary school and having a passion for cooking, but not knowing {Read More}

Blogger of the Week #57

Happy Holidays!  Trying to get Trisha in before all the holidays are done because you’re going to love her holiday post (at the bottom – YUM!)  Thanks Trisha for doing this with us! ~ Heather Your Website? – a lovely little blog full of sarcasm and references to all my favorite things in this world like wine, Velveeta, and of course Ryan Gosling. When did you start blogging? September 2013, and it feels like just yesterday. I’ve definitely learned a {Read More}