Mushroom Risotto

Need an elegant dish that will impress? Mushroom Risotto is just that dish, comforting yet packed full of special flavors. My husband and I wanted to do something simple for our eleventh wedding anniversary, since we had just come back from vacation and just didn’t feel like going out to eat yet again. Instead, we decided we would just have a nice meal and a bottle of wine.  I chose to make a Mushroom Risotto as I have always wanted {Read More}

Olive Garden’s {copycat} Moscato Citrus Berry Splash

Olive Garden’s {copycat} Moscato Citrus Berry Splash is a fantastic summertime cocktail, just like the restaurant version! Our favorite wine at this house is Moscato. So when my husband visited Olive Garden and saw that they had a drink made with Moscato, blueberry, and lemon, it was a must try.  He came home later to tell me about it and insisted that we figure out how to make this delicious drink. So here it is, perfect for a hot summer {Read More}