Spicy Ranch Chicken Salad

Spicy Ranch Chicken Salad is an easy meal to throw together that the family will love. Made with fresh seasonal ingredients and a spicy yogurt dressing. Summer equals fresh local produce in form of lovely salads, like this Spicy Ranch Chicken Salad.  This is one of those salads that you can throw in whatever you like really, but I like to have mine with very specific ingredients.  There are a few recipes that I use when making this salad- Chipotle {Read More}

Spicy Ranch Yogurt Dip

Spicy Ranch Yogurt Dip is an easy fresh way to add a zip to your veggies or salads. The possibilities are endless for what you can use with this tasty dip! Spicy Ranch Yogurt Dip is an easy thing to throw together to go with a meal or even to use as a dressing.  I like to use a very high in protein plain Greek yogurt just to make it a bit more healthy.  I love the slight tartness the Greek yogurt {Read More}