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Make life Easy by doing a simple To Do List! I’ll teach you the easiest way and show you how to do it stress free!!!

There is nothing in this world that I love more than a fantastic cup of coffee. If you’ve followed Who Needs a Cape for any length of time I think you know this. I drink it in the morning, I adore a cup with dessert and honestly? I love a cup of amazing coffee when I have my kids in bed. Yes I LOVE a night time cup of coffee. It’s MY TIME OF DAY and included in my time? is a relaxing cup of coffee.

My new favorite cup of coffee? Is a cup of 1850™. Have you tried it? You’re going to thank me for suggesting it!!! Beans are fire-roasted to help bring out rich taste and aroma! 1850™ Brand coffee is a new premium coffee from the makers of Folgers. Folgers was founded during the California Gold Rush of 1850, we know great coffee can help inspire the dreams and ambitions of yesterday’s and today’s trailblazers. This new line of uniquely bold – yet smooth – coffee can help you embrace the bold. You know that’s how I LOVE to do coffee!!!

I drink a cup of 1850™ and sit down at the end of the day. My kids are in bed and it’s my time to get organized and get my thoughts together. What would be a better time of day to have an amazing cup of coffee? Yes breakfast, yes for dessert but also YES for a little bit of me time. I like to get myself together and honestly I do that when I have the house to myself!


If you haven’t bought 1850™ coffee yet I’m here to tell you about it – and also about how to get yourself a bit organized with a simple To Do List! I discovered 1850™ Coffee at my local Acme grocery store. I am ALWAYS at Acme and I adore it! Now that I’ve found amazing coffee there too? Yup – I’m there more!!!! My favorite is 1850™ Black Gold Dark Roast Ground Coffee – I adore a Dark Roast. So I drink that at night when it’s just me. When I’m having a breakfast coffee with my husband? We drink 1850™ Lantern Glow™ Light Roast Ground Coffee – it’s delicious and my husband prefers a lighter roast. PS 1850™ Brand Coffee comes in four signature blends of Ground and K-Cup coffee and will also be available in 3 Ready to Drink flavors. So there’s a taste for EVERYONE! There is a unique blend of ground coffee that delivers bold, yet smooth taste. That’s my kind of coffee!

One of my very important things as a mom is being the social secretary. Ben needs to be picked up this day, Henry is going here this day, Daddy is going to be late on this day, Sam is going to the dr. on this day. It’s exhausting. Honestly…I love love love them – but wow – I didn’t realize that I had signed up for another full time job! I used to run around like a chicken with my head cut off – then I remembered how I used to run my life when I was working full time at a job where I would never get everything done in one day. So I’m here to show you the simplicity and importance of a great to do list!

I used to update my to do list every single morning at work (surprisingly with a cup of coffee). Now I’ve adjusted and I update my list every night with a fantastic cup of 1850™. Here’s how I roll…

  • Every Sunday I set up a to do list for Monday – really it’s a list of what I need to do for the week. Then on Monday….
  • I update the list every night during the week. If I didn’t get something done, it goes to the top of the list for the next day
  • Every Friday I re-evaluate if I have stuff that didn’t get done the whole week. Do I NEED to do this? Is this important? If I didn’t do it all week there is probably a reason
  • While I’m making my list on Sunday night I update our weekly calendar of the must do’s. Who Needs to be picked up and when. Those are our must do’s.

That is honestly how easy it is to stay organized. Yes, life can be overwhelming. It’s so much easier though when you write it down. Life doesn’t seem so hard or so tricky as to when you write everything into a list. Instead of going “OH NO I FORGOT….” you just wake up and look at your list of what you want to accomplish for the week!

So I’ve told me my tips – I’d LOVE to hear yours! and whatever you do – make sure to include your cup of 1850™ Coffee with your tips!

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