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I’m not going to lie, usually paper towels do not excite me. Yes I LOVE Brawny® Pick-a-Size 8 Giant Plus, but honestly I love them because they work and I don’t have to think about it. Have Brawny® Paper towels on the check list for my Walmart trip and I’m usually just fine.  Then I heard about the Brawny® Strength Has No Gender™ campaign….um…this is so exciting. I never expected my paper towel to be celebrating someone like me!

SHEro 1

Yup that’s me. In my work wear. I wear a hard hat when I’m not making delicious blog posts! It’s almost like a double life sometimes! I LOVE both of my jobs. One I get to go outside, hang with the guys and prove that woman are doing it. It’s fun. I’m not the ONLY woman in construction, but we are few and far between…STILL.

In my head I’m not much of a SHEro…but at the same time I’d call any of the women that I have worked in road construction with a SHEro. So because of the Strength Has No Gender™ campaign I’m going to take my bow. It’s hard to write about myself in this so I’m going to focus on some of the women I have run across.

I’ve seen a woman run a jackhammer better than most – and if you’ve ever picked one up you know how HEAVY those are and they can get out of control easy! GO SHEro! I’ve seen a woman roll asphalt so well that she can “hear” when it’s done. This is an art and I’ve seen plenty of people ruin asphalt. Not my SHEro – she’s amazing. I’ve seen a SHEro testing concrete – and when it fails dealing with an upset contractor. It’s not always pretty but our SHEro did it and was awesome.

Ok and me? I’ve earned my place. I don’t melt when it rains out there – if the guys are working then me too. It’s 100 degrees sometimes. Too bad!  Guys want to challenge you when they see your pink lips and hear you girly voice? NOPE. Come on Heather get your SHEroe on!

SHEro 2

Listen I already told you that Brawny® Paper towels are my favorite. I told you why they surprised me and made me excited about Paper towels again 🙂 but did I tell you why they are my favorite in general? I want to put it simply. Brawny® Paper towels clean up my messes and they do it so easily. I don’t want to use half a roll to clean up my spills. I have 3 sons and I’m sure you other mom’s out there can attest we need paper towels and we need them to work well! Brawny® Paper towels have more sheets per roll! I need that!


Want to hear some more fun news? Walmart has the SHEro Brawny® Paper towels! It’s exclusive to Walmart so you’d better run before they are gone!

One more nugget! GIRLS INC. PARTNERSHIP MODULE SHEROES OF TOMORROW: Brawny® will donate a $100K and, will also give your SHEro stories to Girls Inc. to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Let’s shape a better future and prove #StrengthHasNoGender


^Let Brawny® Paper towels handle your messes and you can see how strong it is!

So I need all of you to leave your SHEro in the comment. One of the fun things about this campaign is that we don’t want it to last JUST the month of March (Women’s History Month), but continue and take on a life of celebrating all the SHEroes! Spread the word, share with your SHEro, tell me who your SHEro is! Show them Strength has NO Gender!!!!! Tag Brawny® on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!!!

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  1. Way to go being a Shero out in your day job! Love hearing that you and other women are doing this job! #client

  2. Thank you! She was something special!

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