Fall Cleaning Checklist

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It’s my FAVORITE Time of year…ok if you know me you know that Christmas Season is really my favorite, but Fall is a really close second. I love the cool, crisp nights. I LOVE the changing of leaves. I am obsessed with bonfires and apple cider. Pumpkin? You know it. So what I’m saying is that fall is definitely my season (and it leads up to Christmas so it’s all one big great season to me). One of the biggest things I do in the fall? Is my fall cleaning.

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One of the biggest things I do on my Fall Cleaning Checklist is checking/changing the batteries in all of our important things. Doing it in the Fall (and Spring) ensures that things like my Smoke Detectors are working correctly. I can’t trust just any battery in things like a Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detector – I need the best! Here’s where RAYOVAC® comes into my life. I always start my Fall Cleaning with a shopping list to take to Walmart – they have the best deals and I knew that they would have plenty of RAYOVAC® for me to pick up!

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I use RAYOVAC® for a bunch of reasons. I’ll give you a few. They are produced right here in the USA in Fennimore, WI*. (*Except 9V). I love that. I can stock up when they are on sale or there is a coupon (there is coupon and an Ibotta Offer) because RAYOVAC® has a Power Guarantee- Holds power for 10 Years while in storage (5 for 9V). I love stocking up when I get a great deal. Plus when I’m putting batteries in things that I use for safety (flashlights, alarms, etc) I need to be sure they are going to work! RAYOVAC® has a Long Lasting Power- Guaranteed to provide long lasting power in high use devices* *Money Back Guarantee: Contact 1-800-891-6091 or www.RAYOVAC.com/MBG for more details. Restrictions apply.

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 I created a checklist for you to print out to do your Fall Cleaning. So click HERE and it will take you to my lists. I made a list for actual cleaning, but then I created a separate list for you to check the batteries around your house with. I’m going to walk you through it here, but don’t forget to print your own copy.

 Fall Cleaning Checklist

The first step to making sure to get your fall cleaning done (including changing those batteries) is scheduling it. I know one of my biggest problems is making time for extra things – I started filling out my calendar (this isn’t even close to done haha) my first thing I wrote was FALL CLEANING. If I put it on the family calendar it’s written in stone. However you want to make the time, the first step is MAKING THE TIME. Make it priority.

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Second step is to identify what you need to replace the batteries on. My first things is going to the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors in my house. The RAYOVAC® Lithium batteries are my go to for this. I love and trust them.

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I also make sure that I change out the batteries in my flashlights. I like using RAYOVAC® HIGH ENERGY™ for this. Because no matter how hard I try to make certain flashlights just for emergencies…my kids manage to find that one and use it – for whatever reason (favorite is to have the dog chase the light around in circles). So when I’m using the RAYOVAC® HIGH ENERGY™ I know I’m getting a longer life battery and it won’t fail me when I need it.


I also make sure to change the batteries on things like my remote garage door opener.  This time I’m using RAYOVAC® FUSION™ they are RAYOVAC’s longest lasting batteries! Just what I need!!! I’ve been locked out before because the key pad ran out of batteries! Now it’s on my list of things to change every Fall (and spring). Because of how long lasting they are RAYOVAC® FUSION™ batteries are also my go to with my kids electronics!

PS – all of this long lasting comes WAY cheaper than the competitors! You know I LOVE that!

My best advice is print out my checklist, then tailor it to fit your needs and your family! Walk around your house making sure that you change all the imporant batteries in your house, use the great deals going on with a coupon and Ibotta and stock up on your RAYOVAC® Batteries. Tell me which are your favorites!

 Fall Cleaning Checklist Who Needs a Cape

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