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If your kids are anything like my kids? You have heard about the new Nintendo Switch! My kids have not stopped talking about getting one (I mean seriously it’s all I hear about). Best news? I’m going to tell you how you can enter to win one! YUP Post has partnered with Nintendo to give away 500 new Nintendo Switches! I’m so excited and you will be too – keep reading!

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Well, I think we all know where I go when I want to get good prices and stock up on things like Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, Grape Nuts Original and Honey Comb…I head to Walmart! Good prices and good selection! I wanted some delish Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds for breakfast and I had a fun plan for the Honey Comb (keep reading and I’ll tell you about the easiest, yummiest Cereal Snack Mix).

Cereal Snack Mix

I am in LOVE with Post Consumer Brands – they have such a wide variety. There are my kids favorite cereal – Honey Comb and a delish cereal I love like Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds for me and my husband – such great choices! PLUS now with the teaming up of Post and Nintendo you can instantly win 1 of 500 Nintendo Switches – I mean Christmas is around the corner!

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Breakfast should be an easy thing – especially for a crazy, busy family like mine. We don’t have hours in the morning to get breakfast together. We need delish and quick – that’s what we love! We also like that for fun snacks – that’s why Cereal Snack Mix made with Honey Comb cereal is so much fun and yummy!

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Ok so I’ve teased a little bit, but now I’m going to finally give you the yummiest, easiest recipe that you can have. It’s great for Class Parties, Game Nights, Road Trips, I even like to put it in baggies for lunches. It’s fun, it’s yummy and your kids can even make it with your help! SO GOOD!

Cereal Snack Mix 3

First you need some ingredients:

  • 2 C of Honey Comb Cereal
  • 2 C of thin pretzel sticks
  • 1 C mini marshmallows
  • 1 C chocolate chips (I used milk chocoloate)
  • 1/2 – 1 C Craisins

Cereal Snack Mix 4

Want the instructions? I mean all you have to do is simply mix all the ingredients together and serve (preferably while playing your new Nintendo Switch that you won!!!!)

So all I am left to ask is what cereal are you buying to get your chance of winning 1 of 500 Nintendo Switches? And what’s your favorite game???

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  1. Jesenia Montanez ~ client says:

    What a simple and yummy snack mix! My kids would absolutely love this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. robin rue says:

    That would be a big hit with my kids. They love to snack on stuff like this, so I will definitely be making this for them.

  3. Yum, this snack mix looks fabulous! These are some tasty cereals–my son really wants that Nintendo Switch. I’ll have to pick up the Honey Comb cereal and try to win.

  4. Now this sounds delicious – my other half loves snacking on crisps and this sounds like something he would really enjoy!

  5. I am all about stocking up and saving money doesn’t matter what it is as long as we eat it or use it up. Sounds like some great cereal and great buy.

  6. This snacks sound delicious. I love Honeycomb and Craisins. My kids would love this as well.

  7. We have 3 Nintendo Switch consoles in our house and love them! This snack mix looks soo good too. I might have to see if we can win a 4th console!

  8. Deezer the type of snack mixes I love. I absolutely love cereal and I can eat it all day long. Something like this would be something I could totally do although I might eat it all in one sitting.

  9. I’m glad my kids are not the only ones talking about the Switch all the time. And this snack mix looks tasty. I’m a fan of Honeycomb, so I’d love it.

  10. I love snacking on cereal whenever I can but not tried cereal mix before but i want to give it a try now

  11. This is suhc a fun recipe. I know my kids would LOVE this recipe. I can’t wait to try this combination of snacks.

  12. I think I’d like a snack mix like this. I happen to love both Honey Comb cereal and pretzels! Winning a Switch would be awesome!

  13. This is such a great idea for a healthy snack. It’s rare that you would find anyone who doesn’t like cereal. I think I will try to make this to curb the hunger pangs!

  14. Looks like a really great snack mix. I can make this and have it with me when I work late into the night. This would be better than snacking on chocolate!

  15. This snack is not only something the kids like, but more important also healthy. So fun with health is always desired.

  16. Honeycombs and pretzels is all I needed to see. This is such a creative snack idea.

  17. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    This looks like a great snack. I honestly enjoy eating dry cereal. I’ve never thought to mix some of my favorites though. This would be a great idea.

  18. Lynn Woods says:

    I love making snack mixes. They are quick and easy to make!

  19. Yes. OMG. Thank you for sharing. Right now my girls (age 10 and 7) are like soooooo into tablets Uggh. If I can get them to play a game system instead hahah. So I am going to enter to win this. Yaay!

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