Easy Counter Top Box Top Holder

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I always say that Christmas is my favorite time of year…and it probably is. But, every fall I get a little spring in my step – it’s time for back to school. No it’s not JUST that my kids are going back to school (although that maybe a part of it) it’s the time for deals on school supplies, it’s new back packs, it’s just so much fun! I LOVE the fall and I LOVE back to school time how about you?

Counter Top Box Top

I’m also the mom who works. I can’t be at every class function or volunteer for day time events all the time. So I have to choose really carefully how I help my kids classrooms (I mean there are 3 classrooms to help!). I ALWAYS do Box Tops because it’s the least I can do. It helps the schools so much and I love that it’s on brands I love like Kleenex®, Scott® Tissue and Viva® Vantage®. Another way as the mom who doesn’t volunteer for everything for me to help out in the classroom is to donate the very items that have the box tops! Every class needs tissues and paper towels and I like to stock my kids teachers up! This year it’s even more exciting because of BONUS Box Tops!

Counter Top Box Top 2

The bonus Box Tops are on my favorite items – look for them on:

  • Kleenex® Trusted Care* 3 Bundle Pack
  • Kleenex® Trusted Care* 4 Bundle Pack
  • Scott® Tissue 20 Roll Pack
  • Viva® Vantage® 6 Big Rolls

It’s so awesome that this year I can give back double with Kleenex Facial tissue. Give my kids classroom the great tissues they need and I can get bonus Box Tops. I love it. The teachers will LOVE it. Everyone wins!

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I think you guys already knew, but in case you were wondering, of course I stocked up on all my great school supplies at Walmart! I know I’m getting great prices, and with 3 classrooms to buy supplies for, I need the win of spending less! At Walmart I always get that!

Counter Top Box Tops 3

So now that I’ve told you that I LOVE Box Tops because it’s the easiest way to donate to the classrooms, I’m also going to teach you the EASIEST way to keep your Box Tops together. Before I did this I was constantly losing Box Tops and that’s like losing gold! To be honest? I’m not super crafty, so I had to really make this simple. So let me tell you, if I can make this craft? So can you!

Counter Top Box Tops 4

To make a really simple Counter Top Box Tops Holder you’ll need:

  • an empty Kleenex® Box
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape, Scissors, and a knife

(It’s that simple really)

Counter Top Box Top 5

First thing is wrap the empty box. Yes wrap the whole thing.

Counter Top Box Tops 5

Now that you have it wrapped go and grab your knife. It doesn’t need to be big, but you want it to be sharp.

Counter Top Box Tops 6

Cut along the Kleenex® box opening. If needed use a bit of tape to fold back the wrapping paper to make it perfect.

Counter Top Box Tops 7

Then you can insert all of your Box Tops that you’re collecting for your school! I told you it was simple!

So this back to school season, whether you’re stocking your child’s classroom or if you’re just buying the necessities of your home, make sure to get your extra bonus Box Tops this year on specially marked Kleenex®, Scott®, and Viva® packages! Let’s do back to school right this year!

Easy Counter Top Box Tops Holder


  1. Love that this is super easy to make and useful! When collecting box tops you definitely need to be organized and keep them all together. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! #client

  2. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    Mine always end up all over the kitchen, so this is perfect for me. Great way to stay organized!

  3. I try to keep mine in a cup in the kitchen. My boys always fight on who gets to bring them in.

  4. Now this is such a great idea, you could use it to keep all sorts of things organised, I’m thinking pen and papers!

  5. Oh I love being able to collect box tops for my kids’ schools It’s great to be able to help in any way possible with the funding of their education.

  6. What a creative way to store your Box Tops. Mine just end up in a plastic baggie in a drawer in my kitchen.

  7. When my son was in grade school we collected TONS of box tops. Our school raised enough money to install a beautiful playground for the kindergarten classes.

  8. What a cool idea!! And a great way to repurpose tissue boxes! Never would have thought to cover them with cute paper!

  9. What a fun idea for kids collecting box tops! You can also decorate the box and let kids keep little treasures in it!

  10. This is such a cute idea for teachers!

  11. Wow, this is a nice idea to recycle box tops. I would definitely include this on my DIY to do’s and introduce to my friends as well. Applicable not just for schools but for home and offices too.

  12. It is such a cool DIY and I love that you are recycling things instead of buying brand new materials. Would love to make one for my house

  13. Blair villanueva says

    This is a lovely easy diy and very useful.
    And a counter top also cost bucks so recycling is a wise idea.

  14. This would be perfect on my desk. I love the style, what a great idea.

  15. OH wow what a great idea to save box tops. I have mine as a enveloped held by a magnet on my fridge. Your idea would a lot better and they’d quit falling off when the kids mess with it, lol.

  16. What a clever idea! I also love reusing my boxes, it is so economical. Thanks for sharing!

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