OREO Head Stack

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Who doesn’t LOVE an OREO??? I know that I do! We have them in our house at all times. Nothing tastes better than a delish OREO at the end of a day (Or in a lunch box). Want to know what’s even better than having an OREO? Having an OREO AND entering a super fun OREO contest! I love it. Keep reading – I’ll tell you how to enter!


You can click on the above picture or click here to check out the awesome OREO Stack Challenge! What are you entering??? The OREO Games are on. You get to enter, you get to vote and then you could win up to $100,000! ENTER YOU GUYS! RUN to Walmart, buy some OREO’s and start stacking. Stack on your nose, in your mouth, on your ear, where ever! My guys wanted to see how high they could make their stack (ps dad won).


You have until April 20 to enter your photo or your video – so have some fun! I LOVE doing stuff like this with my kiddos because they have the BEST time with it. I love it when my kids have the best time. It actually becomes a super fun family night because we are all giggling and laughing. I want you guys to do the same! So awesome right?

OREO Challenge

See that face trying not to die laughing? I mean…he was pretty proud for getting as many cookies as he did up there – and then the best part? You eat them afterwords. Everyone loves and OREO, everyone loves a fun game, and selfie pics and videos are where it’s at. This is the most fun way to enter a contest.

OREO Stack 1

The giggling in my house was CONTAGIOUS! I loved loved loved doing the OREO Games and our favorite head stack. Tell me what you’re going to do for your entry! I can’t wait to see all of them! Voting starts April 21 and goes through May 11! So don’t forget to vote!

OREO Games Headstack

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