Last in School Valentine’s Day

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Make your kids Last in School Valentine’s Day memorable and fun (and easy and sweet and personalized!!)

Last in School Valentine's Day

oh Valentine’s Day. We all want to make it fun for our kids right? I know I’ve worked on it (it was never a big deal in my house growing up so I wanted to make it fun for my kids so they have some fun memories). Having boys there is a limit to how many pink hearted things I can get to celebrate – they aren’t interested! 🙂 They do LOVE celebrating, but not if it’s too girly. I fell in LOVE with these adorable personalized candy wrappers from They are so fun – perfect for any kids – boys or girls and I’m in love.

Bee My Valentine

I think by now everyone reading this knows that I am NOT crafty. I have nothing in that department despite years of trying to be. So I was so happy to find the Bee My Valentine to make personalized gifts for kids – my son was so happy. (and let me tell you – not bad priced either so even my husband was happy). Why was I so hip on doing something special? Well, this is my son’s Last in School Valentine’s Day 🙁 He’s growing so fast! So I really wanted to make this a Valentine’s Day he would remember!

Bee My Valentine 1

So I set out to make this Valentine’s Day the best Valentine’s Day ever. Using is just my go to. I get personalized gifts or in this case personalized candy wrappers and I have to do next to nothing to make it special! I love it. And this is EASY! I didn’t have to try to be cute – they handled it for me and made me the hero of Valentine’s Day! I love it. My Son loves it. He’s so excited to hand these out this year! I win you guys!

You can win too! Make sure to go and get your own personalized candy wrappers – they will make your valentine’s day easy and adorable!

Easy Cute Valentine's Day

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