Grapefruit Beer Mimosa

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Want a new twist on a Mimosa? Try out Grapefruit Beer Mimosa and fall in love. A super easy, super tasty cocktail you will love!

Grapefruit Beer Mimosa

My husband and I almost never go out for Valentine’s Day. It seems a bit cliche no? Plus, try to find a babysitter…no thanks! We do like to celebrate and I do like to surprise him with something fun and new. It’s so fun to create your own Valentine’s Day memories and it’s so awesome to give him a fun treat. Well, this year I decided to make him a Grapefruit Beer Mimosa – it’s so delish – and serve it up in an adorable glass that he will use all year!

Beer My Valentine

I mean how fun is this personalized glass? It’s the perfect personalized gift for my husband. It’s not frilly, it’s usable and it says “Love Heather”. Doesn’t get any better than that does it?  This is the kind of gift I love to give my husband. I mean how many things have we tried to buy for our boyfriends, dads, husbands, that just didn’t hit the mark. I don’t know any man that wouldn’t use this glass – for beer, for grapefruit beer mimosas, or for a soda.  It’s a usable gift and I am in love with that idea! I find all my awesome personalized gift ideas at I LOVE THEM!

Beer My Valentine 1

Happy husband? is a good thing right? I also want mine to know how much I adore him and appreciate him – but you guys? I don’t want to get sappy. Serving him a Grapefruit Beer Mimosa in his new personalized glass? I think that says enough right? Here’s a beer babe, and a glass that says I love you! It’s the perfect gift in our world 😉 So much better than making a reservation.

This is such an easy recipe you’re going to drink this all year (I can’t wait to drink it on a hot summer day!). It’s really fun because it’s a “fancy” beer for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day! and it’s DELISH! YUM Enjoy your Grapefruit Beer Mimosa and don’t forget to to order your awesome personalized gifts! Share with me what you love on!

Grapefruit Beer Mimosa

Grapefruit Beer Mimosa


  • 8 ounces of your favorite beer (I suggest a pale ale)
  • 4-6 ounces of ruby red grapefruit juice


  1. Combine and drink!

Perfect Grapefruit Beer Mimosa

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