Family Meals Made Easy

This post has been sponsored – but as always the statements and opinions are all 100% mine!

Family Dinner time does NOT have to be hard. I’m going to help you and show you Family Meals Made Easy!


I promised my family that I would get it together after the New Year and get back to dinner…you guys are the same as me right? I start the fall off so strong with dinners, even with school pick ups/drop offs, sports, clubs…I make it happen for a month or two. Then we start hitting my busy time – I have birthdays, holidays, chaos for half of fall! I drop dinner like a hot tamale and order out – or get pre-made. 1 this isn’t healthy and 2 it gets so pricey! We need REAL FOOD! But I don’t have all night. Yup keep reading I’m going to tell you Family Meals Made Easy! (PS I have a way for you to save money so keep reading!)


Not sure about you…but if I have to grocery shop – I’m not cooking that day. Why not let the groceries come to you? Yup how I am making my Family Meals Made Easy? I’m using HelloFresh. You guys are going to love this. Not only do I not have to grocery shop (SCORE) I don’t have to decide what dinner is (I mean yes, but I already have the choices in front of me). Look above at that box – LOOK! It’s actually Fresh Food! My kids were like – wait green beans aren’t always frozen (Yes I hung my head in shame).


 ^I have the page open to the Beefed-Up Bolognase because I didn’t get a picture…my family ate it too fast (no lie there friends).


I first heard about HelloFresh from some of the podcasts I listen to (I’m addicted). One of the podcasts I listen to – the guys are obsessed with food (I love that!).  But they went off script and said, “you guys this really is delish I loved the burger so much I can’t talk about it”. That was convincing enough for me to want to try. So I hope that you get the same message from me…I really LOVED HelloFresh. I loved the meals. I loved that I didn’t have to shop for ingredients (I mean they even sent me tiny packets of flour for my Crispy Sole Dish!). All I needed to have was a bit of olive oil and butter – who doesn’t have that on hand?


One of the really fun things for me is that I got to involve my little chefs. My boys (ok the baby is not interested) LOVE to help mommy make dinner. It also makes them try new things (hello Green Beans and Potatoes) that they wouldn’t but since they made it…they were willing to try. I did a lot of the chopping (I like that part of cooking lol) and they helped me stir, saute, make delish.


The instructions are simple enough that the boys could have made the HelloFresh Meals themselves. HONEST! BUT BUT BUT they tasted great enough that even a food blogger was like – oh wow – these are delish.


^This was my favorite – the Crispy Sole. I LOVED this dish – and sometimes I find fish hard to make! This was not and the flavor was amazing.

I mentioned that I had a way to save money? WELL…HelloFresh was so sweet they gave Who Needs a Cape? our own coupon code! So excited to share this with you guys so you can enjoy your own HelloFresh Meals! Simply use WHONEEDSACAPE35 as your coupon code when checking out at HelloFresh. You have your choice of Veggie Meals (yes Vegetarians we have you covered too!), Classic or Family (we did family and I’m so happy we did – tons of great choices for our family).


We tried 3 amazing dinners – Spanish One-Pan Chicken (seriously 1 pan!), the Beefed-Up Bolognase, and the Crispy Sole. I said the fish was my favorite, but at the same time my husbands favorite was the Bolognase and my boys LOVED the chicken. so it was a win all over the place.

Dinner doesn’t have to take all night, you don’t have to spend days shopping. Give your family delish, healthy, amazing dinners in less than an hour (honest no meal took me over 40 minutes from start to finish!). You’re going to LOVE LOVE LOVE HelloFresh as much as I do!


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