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Brighten your Holidays with UncommonGoods awesome and unique gifts!


 It’s time to get that shopping done! YEA! I love it. I love the holidays, I love coming up with gift ideas for people – I take pride in not doing gift cards! I want my friends and family to have an awesome gift to open on Christmas – not to spend later! BUT…we all have people in our lives who are SO hard to shop for right? I know I have a few. That’s why I’m shopping for the Holidays with UncommonGoods. The choices are so fun and there is truly something unique for everyone on your Christmas List! Keep reading we’ll look at some of my favorite items!

I think that we all have a lady in our lives that seems to have it all right? She is so sweet and you want to buy her something amazing – BUT WHAT? You have to check out these Unique Gifts for Women.  Oh my gosh – there are so many different ideas. If she’s into cooking? You get her this awesome Berry Buddy (I put it on MY list!). There are so many other choices! There are Chakra bath salts, a Family Cookbook, Wine Pearls (YES YES YES), and even a set of Self Chilling Wine Glasses. So what I’m saying? is there is literally a gift for every single woman you know at UncommonGoods. Unique, cute, sentimental – whatever you need you’re going to find it!


Ok now on to the men. I actually find them so much harder to shop for in general. I don’t want to get them yet another power tool that they will never use. You probably see where this is going but it’s why I’m doing my Holidays with UncommonGoods! Yes there are so many cool things for the men in your life. I mean you guys? They have Beer Jelly. Yes yes they do. You’ll find all the Unique Gifts for Men that you need! I actually squealed when scrolling thru the mens section! I mean from a 6 pack cooler tote, a couch arm table, a beer cap map (HA) and a smart phone instant photo lab (YES) they have all the gifts for men that I need. My husband especially is getting some fun presents this year! I’m now counting down the days until he unwraps them!


 One final piece of the shopping puzzle – going to a party and just need a gift? No gender attached? You know UncommonGoods has the perfect Gift for ANYONE! Shop by price range or shop by interest – either way you’re going to find some amazing things! They even have a section for self proclaimed geeks with fun items like a Protractor Pizza Cutter!


Whatever you do, just get on it! Do your Holidays with UncommonGoods and put a complete smile on all of those faces!


Kahlua Oreo Cheesecake Dessert
Turkey & Cheese Tortilla Rollup

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