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Dinner isn’t always about meat and potatoes – get some great tips on how to make the Veggies the Star of your dinner table and find out My Way to Veg!


Does anyone else go through a phase of finding it hard to get the veggies into your diet? I know that I do. Then I have to put myself together and get back to doing what I love best – which is getting all the veggies into my family’s diet that I possibly can. I have a few tips coming up but do you know what’s awesome for that? MorningStar Farms® Veggie Bowls. Yup. Veggies and a really tasty meal. That’s what I need in my life. Oh wait, did I say easy? Because they are easy too!


I’m sure that I’m not the only person around that struggles to get a good tasting and complete meal – veggies included – onto the table. Right? Sometimes I need dinner to be fast. AND I can’t be the only person that has different people’s tastes with different needs all over the place right? Well with MorningStar Veggie Bowls I can fit a bunch of different tastes. They have awesome choices like Chik’n Pot Pie, Chik’n Tikka Masala, Italian Sausage Bake, Japanese Soba Noodles, and Moroccan Medley. YUM. Tonight I was eating Italian Sausage Bake and my husband was eating Chik’n Pot Pie. SO GOOD. My kids (I bought 2 of each) split so they could try both. Everyone was really happy, really full and mom was really satisfied that I fed them an awesome meal.

One of the awesome things about MorningStar Veggie Bowls? well – there’s a few things I should tell you. I don’t have to doctor them. They are perfectly awesome without me having to add things! YEA! They trick my family into eating veggies…ok I’m not out to trick my family, but what I mean to say is that they haven’t missed the meat at all when we eat a veggie bowl! Veggie Bowls are made with Chik’n Strips, Steak Strips and Veggie Sausage Crumbles™ (which have 23g of Protein at 150 calories thank you very much so protein isn’t a problem!). Just so delish you guys – make sure to grab a couple cause you’re going to fall in love!


 Wait one more thing – they are awesome on the go too! I can pack a Veggie Bowl and a bag of raw veggies and have a completely meat free day…EASILY. So good.

I promised you some how to make the veggie the main dish tips right? Well I didn’t forget! Here’s a few really easy options…and if you have a husband like mine, you will use some of these (I love veggie dinners – my husband does NOW but it took some convincing!).


First you want to make sure to make the meal a MEAL. What does that mean? well…

  • Pick an awesome wine to go with your MorningStar Veggie Bowl. I picked a beautiful Sparkling Rose (I mean everything is more fancy with bubbly right?).
  • Sit down at the table together. Talk, ask about each others day. This is dinner – not a side dish.
  • Set the table. This may seem obvious, but sometimes when we’re eating such a quick (and delish) meal like veggie bowls we tend to just sit and eat where ever…NO this is dinner. Not a snack. Sit down!


Another true tip that I have is to use things like MorningStar Veggie Bowls (or all of their wonderful foods). Why?

  • Protein. Like I said above MorningStar has some AMAZING protein in those delish bowls. They are really filling – what do you want from dinner? Something REALLY filling.
  • It’s easy. I cook all veggie meals sometimes, but I find it to be labor intensive when most of my week-nights are BUSY. I’m on the go (like we all are). I need a quick and nutritional meal!


My Way to Veg has become a mantra in our family. Why?

  • My kids. I want my kids to see my husband and I gobbling up veggie dinners, snacks, sides whatever! So having an all Veg (hey we love fruit too) dinner 1-2 nights a week? Shows them that!
  • My Way to Veg has become partially about making healthier choices. Make a substitute of a big heavy meat based dinner and eat some veggie cuisine
  • My husband. I want to be around him for forever! Making our healthier choices and doing it for both of us? It’s the way to go!

So all I need to know from you is what MorningStar Veggie Bowl are you going to try first? And…share if you have any other ideas that I might have missed on making Veggies the important part and Star of your meals!


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