Road Trip Tips

Heading on the Road this Holiday Season? Get some Road Trip Tips and make your Travel to Grandma’s SO easy this year!


I LOVE a Road Trip! And thankfully my kids do as well (even my husband has begun to love them!). I’m all about going as far as my car can take us, however it’s taken me the last 11 years to get the hang of Road Tripping with kids. They bring a WHOLE new element to my trips (right parents?) Even if you’re not a parent, you’re going to find some AWESOME Road Trip Tips in here – so keep reading!

I can’t be the only one going on a Road Trip for the Holidays right? My family and I live about 750 miles from my hometown, so we are pretty good at climbing in the car and driving for 12-13 hours to get to Grandma’s! It’s taken me some time to get it together (I’ve had plenty of failed ideas on the road), but I think I have it down to a science now. It’s about being organized – even if the car ends up being chaos (Hey I have 3 sons – something is always chaotic). First on the list? Shopping – yes you need supplies on the road to be successful!


I start all my Road Trips with Walmart. I can get EVERYTHING I need…I mean EVERYTHING! From windshield washer fluid to snacks and everything in between. One of my first purchases for every Road Trip? Hefty® Slider Bags. Yup. You’re going to see reading this Road Trip Tips that Hefty® Slider Bags are a super important part of the shopping trip at Walmart. Not only do they store everything I need neatly, the are durable (read above about 3 sons). I don’t need a rip/tear ruining something. My boys can work the slider (and have been able to for years because it’s easy) and I know that whatever I have in there is sealed tight! Clicks Closed™ tells you it’s sealed (you can hear it). (Before I get into it – check out their page to see ALL the ideas of what you can put in Hefty® Slider Bags).

Quick Note? Hefty® Slider Bags cost less than Ziploc® Slider Bags (when you’re comparing Apples to Apples I mean same size etc) AND want to make Hefty® Slider Bags more affordable??? There’s an Offer from Ibotta! Check it OUT!


One of my HUGE Road Trip Tips is to pack a cooler. You absolutely never know what could happen on a Road Trip and you never know when that bottle of water is going to be a life saver. I use Hefty® Slider Bags to hold my ice because Hefty® has MaxLock® track design features extra strong seal! Saves me dripping wet everywhere – I HATE reaching into a cooler and everything is wet. Not only will Hefty® Slider Bags keep the ice in check, you can also pack things like cheese, sandwich meat or cut fruit and have them safe from water damage! The Cooler is important – make sure to bring drinks and snacks that will keep you going!


Speaking of snacks, don’t forget them! I put them in the Hefty® Slider Bags quart size. My whole family can dive in whenever they want, and save more for later thanks to Hefty® Slider Bags. I like to make a few simple Road Trip Snack Mixes with different things to keep it exciting!


Another Road Trip Tip? Bring activities. My kids will color through most of the trip and so I always make sure to pack crayons, pencils, paper whatever they need! Hefty® Slider Bags makes it EASY!


Again Hefty® Slider Bags protect from leaks so I pack all of my toiletries in there (this is awesome for flights too you guys – take note!). I pack all of the toiletries in Hefty® Slider Bags and not only can I see what’s where, I know my suitcase isn’t going to be an issue (ever had a lotion explode?). For a Road Trip Tip – pack some hand sanitizer in your Hefty® Slider Bags and keep everyone clean along the way!


A HUGE Trip Tip (Road Trip Tip and Travel Tip) is to have extra socks, underwear (and if you need it full changes of clothes). I like to pack these in Hefty® Slider Bags because if the accident, spill or I don’t even want to know what happened DOES happen – you not only have clean items to change into, but you automatically have somewhere to put the old dirty items. Thanks Hefty® Slider Bags!

My other last quick Road Trip Tip is to ENJOY! Make a playlist that you and your whole family will sing to, stop and eat at a place you saw on TV that you’ve been dying to try, pull over at the scenic overlook and take a selfie. Just make sure to have FUN along the way! That’s what Road Trips are for!



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