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Giving the Perfect Personalized Gift is EASY thanks to! Read along and find out how easy all of the holidays will be this year!


I LOVE getting my boys things with their names on it – don’t you? It makes every holiday and every occasion more fun (and hey – in my house it keeps track of who’s is who’s!). I just recently discovered and fell IN LOVE! They have something for every single taste (I promise). It’s not just gifts for my little boys – it’s other awesome things as well (keep reading I’ll keep talking!)


My first idea of what to get was a personalized Flag for outside of my house. I’m in LOVE with Fall and I thought it would be fun! Check out these fantastic personalized Halloween Flags you can get! They are SO cool! But here’s what happened. My youngest son (he’s 6) caught me trying to order something that wasn’t for him. Before I new it I was completely sidetracked and I just forgot to order my flag! Don’t worry – I’ll get one soon!

As a NOTE – there is a 15% Off Code for on their site for Halloween! PERFECT TIMING! I’m telling you about Halloween…quick! Run to for your personalized Halloween Gifts!


I told you that I got distracted. Yes I did order my 6 year old his very own placemat with his name on it – he’s SOOO pleased! I have 2 more sons you guys, I already know I’m making a return order! So I got Sam THIS Personalized Halloween Placemat and then I just kept shopping. I don’t know how (honestly) I got a great Mason Jar Mug for myself – it just happened! They are so cute and this way no one is stealing my glass! (I’m looking at you husband!). If you’re interested in the same Mason Jar Mug – I love my Engraved Halloween Mason Jar!

Before I keep going on about all the stuff that I’m buying next time let me point out a couple of things:

  • The quality is there with these products. The placemat isn’t just a plastic placemat – it’s a beautiful cloth (washable) fabric. The mason jar is engraved not just a sticker. VERY nice stuff!
  • There are gifts for EVERY occasion on – Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, I mean every occasion (stay tuned on that one!)
  • Their customer service is top notch!


So I have to place another order…I think I’m going to start looking for some Christmas items (you guys have met me right? You KNOW I do Christmas in a big way) I’m in LOVE with this Penguin Ornament (Personalized with my family on it of course). But I still have to order son #1 and son #2 something for Halloween (thank you 15% off code) so I’m thinking an Awesome Skeleton Bag like THIS or a fun T-Shirt like THIS! While I’m at it – I’m giving my mom the website – she’s always looking for a perfect gift for my boys and she would be so excited to buy from!

All I need to know is what are you buying???

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